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Days of Old – 7-16-2014

Days of Old – 7-16-2014

10 years ago
Tribune of June 30, 2004

A barn on the Harold Rhodes farm at 3055 155th Ave. in Glenwood Township was struck by fire. There were no cattle or crops in the barn.

The Boyceville School Board voted to try an experimental pull-out band schedule for the forthcoming 2004-2005 school year. This idea is to help students who cannot accommodate band into their schedule due to conflicts.

Liz Frazier is retiring after more than 17 years in the Clerk of Court’s Office. She has worked for Judge Eric J. Lundell since he became a circuit judge in 1989.

25 years ago
Tribune of June 7, 1989

Governor Tommy G. Thompson today named Eric J. Lundell as St. Croix County Branch judge, Branch I.

Jeff and Sue Reeve purchased the Midway Cafe from Harris and Elsa Spaeth on June 1. Harris and Else started running the cafe in 1949, when full dinners were 65 cents, coffee costed a nickel, and a top of the line Ribeye steak could be had for a buck.

50 years ago
Tribune of July 30, 1964

Site committees from Glenwood City, Baldwin, Woodville, and Spring Valley met Monday night at Hersey to discuss possible sites for the proposed golf course. Several possible sites were looked at and discussed by the group.

The Wilson Lutheran Church will celebrate its 75th anniversary with ceremonies on Sunday, August 9.

The Glenwood City United Methodist Church observed its 75th anniversary on Sunday, August 2.

60 years ago
Tribune of July 15, 1954

About 80 electors of Jt. School District No. 1 of the City of Glenwood and Towns of Emerald and Springfield, Glenwood and Baldwin, on Monday night following a series of hectic ballots, voted to raise their school tax by 3 mills, to ring the total to about 21.4 mills.

Mrs. Edna Krueger, Glenwood City, and Mrs. Walter Henek, 49, Donera Grove, Ill., were killed and five others were injured in a head-on collision on highway 12 near Woodville Friday evening.

Army worms, which are causing considerable damage in several southern Wisconsin counties, may require some control measures in the local Glenwood City area cornfields. Moderate to severe damage has been noted in cornfields of Alvin Jeske and Walter Jackelen, and neighbors have also reported seeing some worms in their field.

95 years ago
The Glenwood Tribune
June 12, 1919

The headquarters of the Inter-State Lumber Co. in the city were moved last week from the building recently sold to the Apple River Milling Co. on Oak and First Streets to the spacious brick building owned by the Inter-State people on the corner of Maple and First Streets.

Postmaster H. H. Gleason reports that there has been a large increase in the business of the Glenwood City post office as shown by the reports of the fiscal year soon to end, indicating a most prosperous condition of affairs in Glenwood City and vicinity.

Trinity Lutheran parsonage is being improved with a screened porch. Louis Kerschbaum is doing the work.