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Boyceville approves ambulance station demolition and construction permits

By LeAnn R. Ralph

BOYCEVILLE — The Boyceville Village Board at Monday night’s meeting approved a demolition and construction permit for an ambulance station.

Several village board members questioned whether the demolition and construction should be separate permits, one for demolishing the former car dealership building on Race Street, and one for building a new ambulance station on the same lot.

Cindy Swanepoel, village clerk-treasurer, noted that the recommendation from Doug Hellendrung, who signed the application as the city engineer, was to approve the permit for demolition and construction contingent upon receiving state approval of the plans for the new building.

Village board members questioned whether there would be enough room on the lot for a new 28-foot by 40-foot building. Don Rose, director of public works, said he wondered whether the setbacks would be an issue and also wondered if the water service was large enough to accommodate the four sprinklers that would have to be installed because of the living quarters for the EMTs.

In response to a question about which entity — the village or the ambulance service — would be responsible for paying for a larger water service if it were needed, Swanepoel said the ambulance service would have to pay for the upgrade.

At Swanepoel’s suggestion, Gilbert Krueger, village president, called Hellendrung to ask him about his recommendation.

Krueger reported that Hellendrung had met with the builder to assess the lot.

“He is convinced (the new building) will fit on the lot and will meet the setbacks,” Krueger said after concluding his conversation with Hellendrung.

Village Trustee Jonathan Farrell reiterated that he believed the permit should be approved as two separate permits for demolition and construction.

Swanepoel once again pointed out that the construction permit would be contingent upon receiving state-approval of the plans.

Village Trustee Jo Palmer noted that the Boyceville Ambulance District would be meeting Wednesday evening at the village hall and that if board members had questions, they could come to the meeting so that Matt Feeney ambulance director, and Andrew Kissh, captain of the Boyceville ambulance service, could answer their questions about plans for building a new station.

The Boyceville Village Board unanimously passed a motion to approve the combination demolition and construction permit pending state approval of the plans. Approval also is contingent on whether the new building will meet the required setbacks.

Other business

In other business, the Boyceville Village Board:

• Learned that the Boyceville Police Department had handled 74 incidents in June.

• Received an introduction to Boyceville’s new police officer, Sam Miller, who will be starting his position later in the week. Miller has served as a police officer in Durand for one year and has worked for Pepin County part-time. “He comes highly recommended,” said Dan Wellumson, Boyceville police chief. Miller’s father retired as a veteran police officer with the Eau Claire Police Department in 2009.

• Learned that motorcycles will be allowed this year at the Radar Run at the Boyceville airport during the Boyceville Cucumber Festival in August.

• Referred to the parks and recreation committee the task of finding a place in Boyceville where Vintage Base Ball could be played. Michael Kurschner, a Boyceville resident who plays Vintage Base Ball, said the Menomonie Blue Caps Vintage Base Ball team would like to play more local teams and that he would like to try to get a team going in Boyceville.

Village board members were intrigued by the idea and thought it would be an interesting way to bring more visitors to the village. The Blue Caps play base ball (two words) as the game was played in the 1860s.

• Approved bartender operator’s licenses for Bobbie Gordon, Anna Sprague, Hunter Cormican and Jane Bearrs for the period ending June 30, 2015.

• Approved a temporary Class “B” picnic license to sell fermented malt beverages for Fatboy’s Softball Association to hold a tournament August 8 through August 10 at Pafko Park.

• Approved a temporary Class “B” picnic license to sell fermented malt beverages for the Boyceville Wrestling Club for August 15 through August 18.

• Appointed Dianne Dummer as the library board member to replace Charol Karnick.

• Discussed with Brian Schafer the village’s requirements for mandatory water and sewer hook-ups. Schafer plans to buy 25 acres near the cemetery and to eventually build a house. Because of the distance for water and sewer hook-ups to the village system, the cost would be about $40,000, said Schafer, who is wondering about installing a private well and a septic system. The ordinances would allow Schafer to drill a well, but whether he would be required to hook up to the sewer main depends on how far his lot line is to the nearest main. Schafer said he would work on establishing the exact location of the lot line. Installing a well and septic would be about half the cost of hooking up to the water and sewer mains, he said.

• Approved sending a request to the sewer and water committee from Ohly Americas to adjust penalties for violating sewer use limits.

• Approved donating $750 to the Boyceville schools centennial celebration scheduled for this fall.