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Tiffany Creek Elementary awarded $50,000 grant to host school visits

BOYCEVILLE — The school board learned that Tiffany Creek Elementary has been awarded a $50,000 Spotlight Schools Grant. Superintendent Kevin Sipple informed the board during his report at the July 8th meeting by saying, “This grant is used to prepare our school and staff to host school visits for schools that are preparing their applications for this grant.”

Sipple continued, “This grant allows the Tiffany Creek staff an opportunity to showcase our school to the region and state.” He also noted the amount of work that it took to get this grant. Tiffany Creek Elementary Principal Nick Kaiser also commented to the board about the grant.

The School Board also approved the acceptance of two AnnMarie Foundation Grants. One was for $1,500 for Playaway audiobooks and matching book titles for the Elementary Library, and a second grant for $1,200 for four Chromebooks for use at Tiffany Creek Elementary. Those grants were secured though the efforts of Diane Buck and Jody Wolski, the board learned. Sipple told the board, “We have been very fortunate with the AnnMarie grants. Most schools only get one grant a year.” The board also accepted a donation of natural wood mulch from Specialty Pallet and Crate that was placed on the ABC garden at Tiffany Creek.

In other school board business, they approved revisions to the Employee Handbook and the Co-Curricular Code Book for students. During the review on the Code Book, High School Principal Steve Glocke explained some of the changes and noted that the grading is done at three and six weeks into the quarter and that if a student is not passing at this time, they would be notified on Friday of the three or six week period and they would have until Tuesday of the following week to correct the failing marks, or they would not be eligible to participate in the sports program.

Glocke noted that because there are games on Tuesdays, there was pressure late on Tuesday to get the staff members to sign off on the grades. Under the new guidelines that date was extended to Wednesday allowing one more day with the idea that there is never games Wednesday evening.

And finally the board agreed to accept the recommendation raising the food lunch prices for the coming school year. The board heard from Judy Humpal about the formula set by a federal program. The new schedule will increase the cost by a dime for all students, except that the fifth and six graders will see a twenty-cent increase.