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Off The Editor’s Desk – 7-9-2014

The Environmental Protection Agency early last month released a 645-page plan that calls for a 30 percent reduction in carbon emission from fossil fuel burning power plants in the next 15 years.

 On the Senate floor, Elizabeth Warren praised the plan, applauding President Obama and the EPA and blaming power plants for carbon pollution and climate change.

But, who in the world is Elizabeth Warren? She is a liberal senator from Massachusetts, who is currently in West Virginia, trying to divert the coal miners attention away from the plan to cut coal burning in power plants. Moving power generation away from burning fossil fuels will increase the prices of electric and move the generation to wind turbines and solar panels. To the majority of the people in the Town of Forest fighting the proposed wind turbines, you will have no support from President Obama or Senator Baldwin for political action for your cause.

But, Warren is the possible candidate for President if Hillary Clinton cannot make the run. I am sure, as the election of 2016 draws near, we will be hearing a lot more about Warren.

About climate change, I just read a piece that claims there is an increase in ice coverage around Antarctica. In his blog, Harold Amber tells that presently the ice covers some 2.112 million square kilometers around Antarctica. On December 20, 2007 the ice sheet covered 1.840 square kilometers. I don’t know how Amber put those figures together, but he is the author of a book called “Don’t Sell Your Coat.”

Here is what is going to happen in the next ten to twenty years, if things keep going as Obama has them: raising of the minimum wage will cause every other hourly wage earner to see an increase in their wages, which will negate any improvement for the minimum wage earners.

That is great for everyone that is working, but how about those who are retired and living on a fixed income? In the next fifteen or twenty years, we will see our annual income of American workers rise to triple figures and maybe to that magic figure of $250,000. That’s what Obama calls rich people, and they will be taxed accordingly.

By 2030 our $17 trillion national debt will have grown to twice that size, but with workers making five and six times what they are now, that debt will not look so big.

Thanks for reading. — Carlton