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Grace Baptist Church welcomes new pastor Christopher Ames

By Kelsie Hoitomt

BOYCEVILLE – Christopher Ames will now be leading the services at Grace Baptist Church in Boyceville as he officially became the new Pastor on June 22 when he gave his first service.

The last Pastor was Aaron Blumer who left just over a year ago.

Chris comes to Boyceville from Minneapolis where he and his wife Amanda and nine-month-old daughter, Annika lived for the past six years.

Chris has been in and out of the Baptist Church as a guest speaker since March while he was still in Seminary.

It was in May that Chris graduated and earned his Master of Divinity from the Central Baptist Theological Seminary in Plymouth, Minnesota.

Prior to that Chris spent four years at the Northland Baptist Bible College in Dunbar and before that he was a high school student at the rural De Soto School District, which is south of La Crosse.

Throughout his schooling, Chris worked as a bicycle mechanic and still likes to fix them in his spare time.

He is an avid biker on the rural roads and also enjoys mountain biking and racing cyclocross in the fall.

The Ameses are enjoying their new home in Boyceville and look forward to many more years spent in the community.

Tentatively, the Installation Service is set for the afternoon of Sunday, August 3.