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Hay River Helpers News

The Hay River Helpers discussed normal meeting agenda.


We took a vote about if the t-shirts should be paid for by the club. We all voted that is ok.  The pie social at the fair is Sunday at 10:30. The next meeting will be the 9th of June at 6:00pm the Thorsons. We will have a pot luck then we will start the fair sign. Camp will start the 3rd week in June.  You have to have all the things you want to do in the fair signed up by the 15th.  4-H will have a centennial celebration on July 27th.  The people who did speeches were: Braydon Miller did a speech on a bird house he built, Rian Corr did robotic lego EV3, Nathan Corr was on a book he read, Kaylee Hessler did it on her dog, Ella Holden did her house and Cadence Kurr was on her trip to Mexico.

Respectively submitted,
Kaylee Hessler, Reporter