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Flowers taken from New Haven Cemetery

TOWN OF NEW HAVEN — A gesture and tradition borne out of kindness, respect, and honor for the departed was greeted by an act of ultimate disrespect.

Some 250 flowers and floral arrangements that had been placed on several graves in the Town of New Haven Cemetery earlier this month were quickly taken by an unknown and unidentified individual or individuals leaving town resident and cemetery sexton Jayme Beyrer deeply disgusted and saddened by the theft.

In recent years, Beyrer has purchased flowers, at her own expense, and placed them on the graves of individuals that have no families remaining or living in the area, children, and veterans including the 14 civil war veterans that are interred at the New Haven Cemetery that is located on a hill just east of County Road V on 1290th Avenue.

This year was no different.

Beyrer spent Friday, May 16 putting a collection of more than 200 red flowers on various grave sites throughout the New Haven Cemetery in preparation for the forthcoming Memorial Day holiday. She also placed a pair of arrangements on her parents’ graves, Jim and Dee Kistner, a pink floral display for breast cancer awareness in honor of her mother and a patriotic-colored wreath to honor her father’s military service to his country.

She returned to the cemetery later that weekend on Sunday and the flowers were exactly where she had placed each of them.

But then on Tuesday, May 20 someone stopped into Kistner’s Korner, the bar and restaurant Beyrer owns and operates in nearby Connorsville, to inquire as to why there were no flowers on the graves at the New Haven Cemetery.

Beyrer was crestfallen upon hearing the news.

She quickly drove to the cemetery and discovered that all of the red flowers she had placed the previous week along with the arrangements on her parents’ graves had been taken.

“I think this was absolutely disgusting,” said an angered and hurt Beyrer when she called the Tribune Press Reporter to report the incident on Wednesday. “It is a sinful act.”

Beyrer has no idea or leads on who may have perpetrated such an awful act.

Beyrer did replace the arrangements in honor of her parents but the graves of the hundreds of individuals – some children and veterans – that she had also intended to honor remained undecorated this past Monday for Memorial Day.

Beyrer would be grateful for any information or leads on who might have taken the flowers.