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Boyceville asks for cost of fire station feasibility study

By LeAnn R. Ralph

BOYCEVILLE — The Boyceville Fire District’s Five Year Capital Improvement and Planning Committee has asked Five Bugles Design to provide a cost for a feasibility study related to building a new fire station.

The planning committee met with Ed Mishefske and David Cihasky of Five Bugles Monday evening at the Boyceville Village Hall.

Five Bugles is a division of Architectural Design Group out of Menomonie.

Remodeling the old fire station is off the agenda, and there are no existing buildings in Boyceville that would work for a fire station, said Rich Monn, chair of the Town of Stanton, a representative on the fire board and chair of the planning committee.

“What’s left is the cost to build,” Monn said.

Right now, Five Bugles has ten to 20 fire stations that are in various stages of study, design and construction, Cihasky said.

All together, Five Bugles has completed about 150 fire stations around the country, he said, noting that the fire stations range from very small to quite large.

Five Bugles met with representatives of the Boyceville fire department a number of years ago.

Since the last meeting with Five Bugles, Boyceville has formed a fire district in which the townships and the Village of Boyceville are equal owners, said Brian Marlette, fire chief.

Mishefske, a retired fire chief, wondered if the fire district had picked up additional coverage area, but Marlette said the fire district was about the same size as when the Village of Boyceville owned the fire department.

Five Bugles has built fire stations that are big and expensive and small and quaint with building materials ranging from engineered steel to masonry, Mishefske said.

During the design, certain elements can be added to a fire station that cost very little but add a tremendous amount to assist with firefighter training, he said.

Mishefske asked if the fire district had selected a site yet, but Marlette said no specific site had been chosen.

A feasibility study provides credible information that the fire district can present to the public when talking about building a new fire station, Mishefske said.

“How long would it take to get a number to walk us through the process?” Monn asked.

The fire board would have to approve the cost of the feasibility study, he noted.

“We need to know what we need and how much it will cost,” Monn said.

“We are really, really preliminary (in the process of building a fire station) … it’s not going to be a rush,” he said.

From the time the study is started until the fire station is completed could be anywhere from one to three years — or more, Cihasky said.

“We know it will be years out … we have a functioning fire barn, but if you drop a penny in there, there’s barely room to pick it up,” Monn said.

Mishefske and Cihasky said they could have the cost of completing a feasibility study for Boyceville by the end of the week.

Monn said the committee would like to be able to present the cost of the study to the fire board at the next meeting on May 14.

The planning committee directed Mishefske and Cihasky to send the information to Cindy Swanepoel, clerk for the five-year planning committee, the fire district and the Village of Boyceville.