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Boyceville ‘Safe Routes’ project takes a step forward

By LeAnn R. Ralph

BOYCEVLLE — The Boyceville Safe Routes to School project for which the village has been awarded a $252,000 grant has taken a small step forward.

Gilbert Krueger, Boyceville village president, reported at the April 14 meeting that during a telephone conference with Kevin Meyer of Corre Inc. he had learned that Meyer was intending to submit the final plat to the railroad either April 14 or April 15.

Once railroad officials receive the map, they can do the work necessary to help move the process along, Krueger said.

One of the challenges of Boyceville’s Safe Routes to School project is acquiring right-of-way from the railroad.

The railroad needs the plat to move forward with the right-of-way work, Krueger said.

Boyceville’s Safe Routes to School Committee learned April 2 that the village could lose the grant because the state Legislature recently set a deadline of four years instead of the previous ten-year deadline.

The design phase of the Boyceville project has already been completed, but in order to retain the grant, the construction contract must be signed by October 5.

The project is not yet ready to be advertised for bids because Wisconsin Department of Transportation officials have not decided if they should acquire right-of-way from the railroad or if acquiring the right-of-way should be the village’s responsibility.

The Safe Routes to School project will build sidewalks on six blocks of village streets: East Street, Charlotte Street, and Center Street.

Bidding and awarding contracts for the project is expected to be a two or three month process.

Even though the contract would have to be signed by October 5, construction would not have to begin until next year.

Krueger told the village board he would check with Meyer again at the end of the week.

The railroad needs the final plat to continue, and once the railroad is able to move forward, the issue with the DOT can be addressed, he said.

Other business

In other business, the Boyceville Village Board:

• Learned that the Boyceville Police Department had handled 54 incidents in March.

• Learned from Don Rose, director of public works, that as of the morning of the village board meeting, three water services were still frozen.

• Postponed until the next meeting taking any action on an updated six-year airport improvement plan.

• Approved purchasing a home-run fence for Pafko Park at a cost not to exceed $1,700. Part of the money is expected to come from savings in other summer recreation expenses. The program has quite a few supplies on hand and will not have to purchase as much equipment this year.

• Approved increasing the deposit for use of Pafko Park from $25 to $75. The village board referred the issue of clean-up deadlines and return of the deposit to the building and property, parks and activities committee to create a policy.

• Approved increasing the nightly camping fees with electricity for Freedom Park from $20 to $25 and the monthly rate from $200 to $400. The fee without electricity remains at $15.

• Approved allowing the Lions Club to lock one of the refrigerators at Pafko Park.

• Approved designating the four parking spots in front of the Boyceville Public Library for library and village hall parking.

• Approved a motion stating that the village does not intend to turn over the fire station to the Boyceville Fire Department and that the fire department should move to another building. The motion also included the information that the village does not intend to evict the fire department.

• Scheduled the Open Book and Board of Review for June 10. Open Book will be from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. and Board of Review will be from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

• Approved a request from public works employee Doug Hellendrung to retire May 21.

• Approved a bartender operator’s license application for Tessea Chapman.