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Off the Editor’s Desk – 4-2-2014


If you can remember, Lady Bird Johnson as First Lady advocated the removal of highway billboards to improve the beauty of the landscape. Her program was somewhat successful to get those advertising pieces off the roadway.

 But now we have people in government that believe that we are so dumb that we cannot take care of ourselves. We now have the government telling what we can eat, drink, drive and wear.

And now the state highway department has installed new signs telling us about the curve in the road. Many new arrow signs have been installed and if you drive highway 170 like I do, you will notice many new ones.

On what we here call Swamp Curve, between Downing and Glenwood City, the highway department recently installed 20 arrow signs on that curve. I think they think we are not smart enough to figure out that there is a curve in the road because that curve has only been there for the last century.

The reflective signs also have lit up the roadway at Norton, just like lights from a casino, where 170 turns to cross the railroad track and the sharp curves just before one gets into Colfax.

Are we so dumb that one sign will not let us know about the curve in the road?

But with all those new posts that hold up the new signs, it just gives us some more objects to hit when we do drive off the road. That will cause more damage to your vehicle and hopefully not hurt anyone, but you will have more to pay for the replacement, and the highway crew will have something to keep them busy replacing those needless signs.

Thanks for reading. — Carlton