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Off The Publisher’s Desk – 3-19-2014

President Obama is just over one year into his second term and already people are lining up for a run at his job in the election of November of 2016.

What’s the hurry? One might ask. But I would suggest that everyone pays attention to what all those people are putting forward during the next two and a half years.

Please don’t say, “I don’t care.” You need to be an informed voter. If you don’t care, a person will get elected that will take your rights away, or tax you out of your home. The government is to serve the people, not the other way around. At present it is looking like we are serving the government and those in power want to stay in power and get all those benefits.

I like term limits, especially on those who serve in Congress.

I noted that at a poll at some Republican gathering this past week Rand Paul was in the forefront, and our Governor Scott Walker was in a tie for third place among Republicans to run for President. I know Hillary Clinton is looking at the same spot on the Democratic side. There has been no mention of Vice President Joe Biden. I thank God for that.

Money for social programs will be one of the major issues in the upcoming election. I attend monthly meetings of several area boards and money problems are an issue. I know that the local boards handle expenses very well, but they are always looking for more money to fund local projects.

Over the years that I have been attending local board meetings, many people have addressed those boards requesting funds to finance projects that they are interested in. Most of the time those requests are honorable requests that need to be considered.

At point is what happened late last year at the Glenwood City Council meeting. During the budget time the council, like many other boards, was faced with reduced income and expanding expenses. They choose to reduce the funding of the local library and asked them to use their fund balance to get by this year. Apparently it is working. But a number of people attended a later council meeting and asked for more funds for the library, which the city did not have.

I have seen scenarios like that many times over the years that I have covered local public meetings.

How does what the local support of the library have anything to do with who is elected president or who serves in Congress? Well, as the federal government consumes more and more money, less is available for local funding of projects. So what happens, we look to federal grants. But when the federal government spends a dollar, it takes three more to run the program. If we keep it and spend it locally, more will be done with less money.

Thanks for reading! — Carlton