Three piglets saved by Boyceville EMTs

By Kelsie Hoitomt

BOYCEVILLE – The Boyceville Fire Department and Ambulance responded to a barn fire north of Boyceville on Sunday, March 9 where it was discovered that three little piglets managed to survive the blaze.

A neighbor was holding onto the piglets and keeping them warm inside her coat when she noticed that “Big Pig” was struggling to breathe so he was brought to the ambulance.

After the fire was taken care of and all immediate concerns were addressed, the EMT crew turned their attention to the piglets, named Big Pig, Pig and Runt.

The piglets had burns that were treated with cream and the smoke inhalation meant they need to be treated with special breathing techniques.

The piglets were nursed back to health with feedings every two hours by EMT Tonya Schutts, who kept them at her home.

After a few days of being around a humidifier, getting bottle fed and applied with cream, the piglets were well enough to be brought back to their home. Another sow on the farm had recently given birth and the piglets were introduced to her.

It was emphasized that the material that was used to care for the piglets was funded through the personal accounts of the ambulance crew and no taxpayer dollars were used.