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Quality Grain Services becomes a Dairyland Service Center

WEST BEND, WI – Northwest Wisconsin is a great place for Production agriculture with its excellent soils and moderate climates. Unfortunately, it is somewhat distant from the headquarters of major seed brands.

With this in mind, Dairyland Seed Sales Leader Gary Leeper approached Jeff Klaustermeier of Quality Grain Services of Boyceville, WI with the concept of the Dairyland Service Center (DSC). The DSC concept is to provide a soybean service for both planting and in season needs. While Klaustermeier acknowledged that Dairyland Seed had very fine genetics, Dairyland Seed’s ability to service customers in his territory had its limitations. Leeper agreed and, after months of planning the DSC initiative has been implemented at Quality Grain Services.

 “We started our grain business in 2000 along with the dairy. In 2003 we discontinued the dairy to focus strictly on the grain. We became a licensed grain warehouse in 2005 and are currently licensed to store up to 1.3 million bushels of grain. We also farm approximately 3000 acres of our own crops as well. Our current grain customer base is roughly 625,” Klaustermeier mentioned.

“We have been using Dairyland Seed for many years and are becoming more active in the selling of their products,” stated Klaustermeier. “The Dairyland Seed genetics are some of the best be have planted, and we do traditionally sample other major brands for comparison.”

“One of the reasons we got involved with Dairyland Seed is because of their commitment to their research programs and the way they implement this research into their breeding programs. They were instrumental in developing hybrid alfalfa and were the first company to bring this to their customers. They have one of the world’s largest soybean breeding programs have a larger selection of varieties for our area. With their recent purchase by Dow AgroSciences, their corn breeding efforts are now tied into one of the largest in the world as well,” stated Jeff Klaustermeier.

While the name Dairyland Seed is recognizable in the minds of most producers in Northwest Wisconsin, it is particularly well recognized throughout the seed industry.

“Prior to the acquisition by Dow AgroSciences, we licensed our genetics to more than 400 seed brands throughout the U.S. and the world,” stated Dairyland Seed General Manager Tom Strachota. “While there may be farmers in Northwestern Wisconsin who are unfamiliar with Dairyland Seed, many of them are not strangers to planting our genetics. They just poured the seed out of the bag with someone else’s logo on it. Now that we’re part of a larger Dow AgroSciences seed group, today’s emphasis is on gaining market share within our own brand rather than licensing.”

This opportunity for Quality Grain Services came through recognition of a limited amount of servicing that Dairyland Seed was able to provide in the area. In particular, servicing soybean seed needs at spring planting in 2014. With warehousing in place, Jeff has purchased a seed treatment machine, a bulk seed tender, a platform scale and a new forklift.

“Many producers in Northwest Wisconsin are looking for convenience in the spring. By being able to offer bulk delivery and delivery of soybean seed in black boxes, we can be of assistance and help them fill their needs,” stated Jeff.

Klaustermeier went on to say they will be offering seed with fungicide seed treatment, as well as insecticide seed treatment and inoculant. Dairyland Seed will also place soybean seed inventory in the Quality Grain Services warehouse near Boyceville in order to provide a spectrum of genetics for farmers to choose from throughout the winter and spring.

For more information, contact Jeff Klaustermeier at 715-643-2307.

About Dairyland Seed

Dairyland Seed is entering its 107th year in 2014. General Manager, Tom Strachota, is a third generation family member and former owner of the business. Since 1977 Dairyland has conducted plant breeding programs in hybrid corn, hybrid alfalfa and soybeans. In 1993 Dairyland announced the release of the world’s first herbicide tolerant soybeans. Dairyland is headquartered in West Bend, Wisconsin.