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Off the Editor’s Desk – 3-5-2014

Well, we returned after a couple of weeks of traveling to Florida and taking in the warm weather of the south.

 We traveled almost 4,000 miles from Glenwood City to Florida and back. Spending several days at the home of Allen and Paulette Klatt at Titusville and then a night at Fort Myers with a classmate from my Dunwoody days and then onto Little Rock to visit with number three son, Joel and Stacie, Austin and Emma before returning home.

Traffic was not bad until we turned on to I-75 in Georgia and it took us three hours to go fifty miles through Atlanta and then into Florida that has bumper-to-bumper traffic. Titusville is just a stone’s throw from Cape Canaveral and the space center. We visited a couple of local museums including the TICO air base where many fighter planes have been rebuilt and are on display. They had a display of Richard Bong, the World War Two fighter ace from Poplar, Wisconsin.

We also went for a ride into a swamp and looked for several type of local birds and had the opportunity to see a couple of alligators.

While at the Klatts’ we enjoyed supper with several Wisconsinites wintering in Florida including Ardis and Jerry Coomer, it was Jerry’s birthday, Judy and Tom Knox, Tony Ninneman and his friend Karen Donnelly and several others that were high school classmates of Jerry’s.

A couple of days later I was shown a photo on Allen’s cell phone that was sent to him of Tony on his knees proposing to Karen. The photo caption was “she said yes!”

We left Titusville and headed to Fort Myers to visited Roger and Kathy Rafferty. Roger and I were classmates at Dunwoody back fifty some years ago. We keep in touch as we both work at the Minnesota Newspaper Museum at the state fair each year. However, the state fair demolished our building to make room for their new West End Market. I will explain in a later issue what is going to happen to the museum.

Leaving the mid-eighties temperature of Florida we headed for Little Rock and spent three nights there before heading back to Wisconsin. As for the snow, all the roads we traveled on were clear and there was snow only as we crossed into Iowa from Missouri and the farther north we came the deeper the snow was.

As for the price of things! It was very hard to find a motel that was less than a hundred. We stayed at one place for $59.00, but the taxes added ten buckets to the bill and I will not recommend that as a place that I would return to. We had dinner the last evening at Applebee’s and a glass of beer will set you back $4.99.

As for the price of fuel, it was between $3.19 and $3.49, but in Iowa I purchased E-85 for $2.45. The gas mileage on the car fell by five miles per gallon, but the dollar savings in fuel cost is five cents a mile less with E-85.

It seems that the older I get the more time I spend at funeral homes and it was the case this past month. I must note the passing of a former high school classmate, Robert (Bob) Tuttle. If you needed some repair work done he was always there with his big smile to help you out and the turn-up brim of his cap was his trademark.

I must also report on the passing of Jeffrey Oskey. Jeff was the CEO of Hiawatha National Bank for a number of years and a regular visitor to Glenwood City. I remember Jeff along with his late father Warren and brother Mickey as members of our deer hunting party out of Barnes back some forty years ago. Jeff, 61, was an Eagle Scout and world traveler and loved the outdoors.

Their families and friends will miss both of these men.

Thanks for reading.