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Hay River Helper 4H News

On Monday, February 10, the Hay River Helpers 4-H club had a meeting at Tiffany Creek Elementary.

To start the meeting we made birthday bags that we donated to WestCap.  We included things such as cake mixes, frosting, balloons, and candles.  WestCap will distribute the bags to local families that need them.  After we finished the birthday bags we started our normal meeting.  Corey Klatt did a speech on NASCAR. The speech was about how big the tracks are and he showed us a couple of model cars.

In January we had a sliding party at the Retz farm on the only warm day of the month.  We didn’t have a big turn out but those that came had fun playing in the snow.  We also enjoyed roasting hot dogs and eating chili from the big pot on the fire.

Respectively submitted,
Kaylee Hessler, Reporter