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Boyceville fire/ambulance delay decision on publishing notices

By LeAnn R. Ralph

BOYCEVILLE — Board members for the both the Boyceville Fire District and the Boyceville Ambulance District have decided to postpone making a decision until the March meeting about whether to post their notices in three places or publish them in the newspaper.

Brian Marlette, Boyceville fire chief, explained that it would be legal for the fire district to post the notices in three places rather than publishing the meeting notices in the newspaper.

Posting the notices instead of publishing would save the fire district about $400 per year.

Cindy Swanepoel, clerk-treasurer for the fire district, said that she currently publishes the notices and posts them in three places: the bank, the post office and at the village hall.

Representative board members from the Towns of New Haven, Hay River, Sherman, Stanton and Tiffany noted that their townships either post notices and/or publish them in the newspaper.

Gilbert Krueger, Boyceville village president and chair of both the fire district board and the ambulance district board, wondered how often people actually stop to read meeting notices when they are posted at a town hall or some other location.

Ned Hahn, Town of Hay River, said that he would estimate “about nobody stops to look at notices that are posted.”

Several board members suggested publishing the notices in the newspaper only when there is something special or unusual coming up on the agenda.

Rich Monn, chair of the Town of Stanton, suggested that if the notices were going to only be posted, it would helpful if the fire district/ambulance district meetings were always held on the same day each month, such as the second Wednesday of every month.

At the Boyceville Ambulance District meeting, Krueger suggested that all of the board members take the issue back to their respective town boards and find out the opinions of the other board members about publishing or posting meeting notices.

Board members for both the Boyceville Fire District and the Boyceville Ambulance District agreed to set aside the matter until the next meeting on March 12.

The Boyceville Fire District meets at 6:30 p.m. at the village hall.

The Boyceville Ambulance District meets immediately following the fire district meeting.

Other business

In other business, the Boyceville Fire District:

• Learned that the Boyceville fire department had funds on hand of $127,159.

• Learned that the Boyceville fire department has gone out on six runs so far this year, including three runs since the last meeting in January: a car accident in Boyceville; a landing zone in the Town of Hay River; and mutual aid for Menomonie for the fire in Knapp the night before the meeting.

• Learned that the “power issues” with Engine 1 are due to a cracked hose. The Irvington Garage repaired the hose as a temporary fix and ordered a new one, Marlette said.

• Approved officers elected by the fire department. Marlette reported that the only change was for lieutenant and that Bob Knops had been elected. In 2013, the following officers were elected and remained the same for 2014: Brian Marlette (chief); Chris Wisemiller (first assistant fire chief); Troy Kostman (second assistant fire chief); Dan Knops (captain); Don Rose (safety); Theo Curvello (engineer); Lisa Pederson (secretary/treasurer).

In other business, the Boyceville Ambulance District:

• Learned that Matt Feeney, ambulance director, was unavailable for the meeting.

• Learned that the Boyceville ambulance service had funds on hand of $5,453.