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Off the Editor’s Desk – 2-13-2014


I just love the e-mails I receive, some are great items, but others I have to question if they have any truth to them or just someone’s vision of what is true.

I received one last week from Dave Brathal, forwarded from Michael Sachsenmaier out of Springfield, IL, that caught my eye.

The subject matter is: Guns or no Guns?

 It is from the World Health Organization and states that murder statistics for the world. The murder rate per 100,000 citizens per year in the United States is 4.2. There are 109 nations in the world that have higher murder rates than the United States. Cuba has a rate of five. Russia is at 10.2; Greenland is at 19.2; Dominican Republic has a rate of 25; U.S. Virgin Islands is at 39.2 and topping the list is Honduras at 91.6. For every 100,000 people they kill over 91 per year.

All of the 109 nations with more murders per 100,000 people above the United States have 100 percent gun bans.

Switzerland is not on the list, because it has no murder occurrence. Switzerland’s law requires everyone to own a gun and maintain marksman qualifications regularly.

Did you learn anything from these figures? Gun bans and restrictions DO NOT WORK.

Saturday we traveled to Port Wing to take pictures of the ice on Lake Superior. This is the first year in this century that the lake has frozen over and the ice covered lake and shoreline was a treat to view.

But a bigger treat is the ice caves along the shores of the Lake. With this being a very cold winter the caves are open to foot traffic so visitors can see the wonderful icicles. We were running late in the afternoon by the time we got to Cornucopia and found the community streets lined with parked cars and discovered that a free shuttle was available to get close to the caves, but a long walk was necessary after the bus ride so we did not take it. As we traveled on Highway 13 we encountered about four miles of parked vehicles with people walking toward the caves.

I was told that this was the first time in six years that the caves were open. Next time we need to get moving earlier.

Thanks for reading.

— Carlton