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Days of Old – 2-13-2014

Days of Old – 2-13-2014

10 years ago
Tribune of January 28, 2004

Funeral services will be held at the Glenwood City School for a former teacher, Ron Imdieke, who passed way Sunday. There will be no school on Wednesday due to the funeral.

The tax rate in the Village of Boyceville is the lowest of four area communities. Boyceville’s rate is over $12.00 less than the City of Menomonie.

The Boyceville ambulance crew had a busy year in 2003, answering 220 calls.

25 years ago
Tribune of January 4, 1989

Alma Hill of Glenwood City celebrated her 96th birthday Friday with a party attended by many family members.

Timmy Klatt, an 8th grader at Glenwood City Junior High School won the 13-15 age group of the Pepsi Hot Shot contest at the State level. Points are scored by shooting and making baskets from different distances away from the net. He now goes on to the national contest.

The DOT is testing a new chemical, CG90, in hopes that it can stop or lessen the corrosive effect salt has  on metal. This could help the steel-reinforced bars in the concrete of roads as well as a potential to protect auto bodies.

50 years ago
Tribune of February 28, 1964

Free coffee and doughnuts are on program all day Friday and Saturday at Nielsen’s Mens store here during his anniversary sale running those two days.

Henry Hentsch was presented the traveling trophy for being the top exhibitor at the annual Grassland Winter Clinic held at the high school here last week.

The Opera “Cinderella” will be presented at the Glenwood City high school gym on Sunday, March 1, at 8:15 p.m. It will be presented by the University of Wisconsin Touring Opera.  Glenwood City has been chosen as one of the only ten performances throughout Wisconsin during the February and March tour.

60 years ago
Tribune of February 11, 1954

The St. Croix County Girl Scouts Council announced that it has raised $8,798.33 in its annual Fund Drive.

Last year the Red Cross procured, for all purposes, 4,121,200 donations of blood throughout it’s blood program.  1,542 pints of blood were collected in St. Croix County.

Q. How much is corn silage worth in relation to hay? – D.W., Poynette. A. We usually consider average corn silage about one-third the price of hay, which would now be about $6 to $7 a ton for the silage. I.F. Hall, Farm Management.

95 years ago
The Glenwood Tribune
January 9, 1919

Glenwood City ought to be alive during 1919 to the necessity of better roads  into it from the rich country surrounding it. At present there is only one good state road leading into the city.

The West Wisconsin Telephone Co. received notice from the U.S. post office department of a change of rates which takes effect Jan. 21st. The rate will be about 25% higher when connection with any particular person is asked.

This issue of the Tribune has been produced under unusual difficulties. Our only (but very faithful and capable) assistant, Miss Clarice Gobeli, has been kept from work most of the week by illness, and the “old man” has had to grab the type boxes with a cracked thumb-end. But, Lord bless you, we’re not complaining. We have about a million things to be thankful for.

30 years ago
Boyceville Press Reporter
February 9, 1984

Boyceville might be home to a Wisconsin Conservation Corps project, or at least part of one, if enough co-sponsors and work can be rounded up.

Some problems are cropping up with the operation of Boyceville’s sewage treatment plant due to discharges from Allied Processors, and solutions might cost the firm a substantial amount of money.

The thawing weather of the past week, followed by sub-zero temperatures that froze things in place, has weather experts divided as to whether the winter, which set in early, will yield to an early or late spring.