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Speciality Pallet and Crate opens in Boyceville

By Kelsie Hoitomt

BOYCEVILLE- The lot that was once owned by the Hedlund Manufacturing Company and then All American Manufacturing is now home to Speciality Pallet and Crate.

Kyle Olson, President and CEO of the company along with partners Dustin Olson, Josh Emberson, and Rob Rieckberg ran the pallet company out of Menomonie, but their lease there was up so they decided to move to Boyceville.

 Currently, they are leasing the property from Mark Kinney of OK Properties, but Olson said plans for buying are in the near future.

Olson started the business almost eight years ago after he spent time working for a man with hay feeders. He eventually took over that job and decided to expand into the pallet recycling business with a friend.

Olson has spent many years in the business world as he owned a tavern in Menomonie for ten years before he decided it was time to fully dive into pallets.

Today, Olson and his partners run a very successful business as one of the few pallet and crate companies in the area that provide a full recycling service.

“We recycle anywhere from 10,000 to 12,000 pallets a week.” said Olson.

Inside the warehouse, the process begins after contractors or in-house drivers bring in truck loads of pallets.

Then used pallets with dimensions that fit the customers individual specification are separated from the rest, inspected and repaired as needed. Pallets that do not meet the specified needs are then cut down and nails and staples are pulled out as well.

The lumber is then sorted by dimensions and cut to size for use in repairing pallets, resale or the construction of custom pallets and crates.

“This highly efficient process allows us to do two very important things,” said Olson. “First it allows us to pass the savings, over new lumber, on to our customers. Second, it allows us the ability to preserve our environments natural resources by recycling what has already been taken from it. We do use new lumber as needed or requested, but we currently use recycled lumber in over 80 percent of our manufacturing.”

Lastly, in terms of being a full service recycling company, lumber that can not be salvaged is put through a grinder and turned into landscape mulch, animal bedding or wood pellets.

This entire process allows Speciality Pallet and Crate to “Green Certify” each of their customers.

The customer base comes from roughly a 100 mile radius with drivers picking up pallets as far south as La Crosse, north to Minong and the cities as well, to name a few.

Currently it takes around 45 people to keep the company running. However, with the Boyceville location being bigger than their previous, Olson said that they are accepting applications and looking to hire assembly workers, drivers and front office people.