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My Favorite Christmas – Mrs. Hart’s 3rd Grade Class – 2013

My Favorite Christmas – Mrs. Hart’s 3rd Grade Class – 2013

 My favorite Christmas, I decorated the Christmas tree with a speacil ornament. Then I would hang up the light on the tree and put the star on the tree. I would drink hot chocolate on Christmas. I like to sing to the Christmas tree to show spirit. I love Christmas because you get to spend tim with you’r family. And thats why I love Christmas!
By Caren Cuaquehua

My favorite Christmas was last year. My whole family was at my grandma’s house. We opened presents. We had supper. Then we went outside. I had a snowball fight with my mom and we used our sleds as shields. Then we went back home. Then we opened presents at home. I like Christmas because I get to spend time with my family. My favorite thing to do at Christmas is opening presents. At Christmas I celebrate the day that god was born. Last year I got a beginner Pokemon card pack.
By Noah Mitchell

My favorite Christmas was 2 years ago in 2011. on Christmas eve I ate a yummy breakfast. After I got ready my aunt joy came over and helped my aunt Linda get ready for the party. Then we started the party. I played with my cousins and my cousins baby Chauaua. My parents came and I got to play with them. Then I ate ham a bun a pickle rap, mashed patatoes and cheese cake. Then the party was over and I went to went to bed. In the morning we went and practiced the play about Christmas. A couple days later we had the play. I was an angel. My parents came. I had a lot of fun with my parents. And that was my favorite Christmas
By Josilyn Rundle

My favorite Christmas was in 2011. I got my first Nerf gun. It was big. When I got done opening presents I sat at the table and we had supper. We had turkey loaf and corn and mashed patatos and gravy. Those are my favorite foods. When we were done we would play catch fraze. Then my dad and me went hunting. It was very cold. We are lucky that we had a heater. Then we saw a deer. It was a doe. But it was a big doe. When we were done hunting we went back home for breakfast we had scrambled eggs, toast and pancakes. Then we went to grandma’s house. My Christmas was fun.
By Ashton Greenwell

My favorite Christmas was when I went with Mom, Dad, Rachel, and Jessie to pick out a Christmas Tree. Then we decorated it with ornaments and lights. I woke up early to open my presents from Santa Claus. Then I played video games. What I love most about Christmas is getting games and toys from Santa.
By Ryan Widerski

My favorite Christmas was last year when I got my 4th horse and my secent gote and I got my dog. Then I whent sleding. Then I opended my presents. Then I whent to my dads house and I opend my presents. Then we ate lunch then me and my sisters whent out side and played. Then we whent in to have hot choclate then we whent up sairs to play bord games and we when to say hi to my baby sitter. Then we had dinner then I whent sleep. The next day I whent to my house.
By Lacey Valine

My favorite Christmas was 4 years ago. I was at home. I degrated the tree. When I was doen. I was hungry so I got sume thing to eat. Then I fell aslepp. My papa woke me up. And gave me a choclit bar. It was carved like a 100 doller bill. My sisters stol it frum me. Then it was time fo bed. I came downstairs to get a glass of water. Then I saw my mom go to prices. But befor my mom went she saw me. She toled me to go to bed but I got a glass of water instead. Then I went to bed
By Sabrina Haseltine

My favorite Christmas was all of them. The reason that I like it because it is a time of giving. I also like it because the world looks so pretty. On Chirstmas I ge tup very early. Then we got to grandmas for lunch. Then we go to my other grandma’s fo rsupper. Last we go home and have cookes and go to bed. The next day dad makes pancakes. I read a new book that I got and my sister play with something. At Chirstmas I like to look at the tree. It brings back all the memaries. I decorate my room for Chirstmas. I eat candycanes at Chirstmas. I have a very jolly fun time at Chirstmas. That is why I like Chirstmas.
By Ella Peterson

My favorite Christmas was last year Christmas. My family and I made the most cookies that we had ever made. We had a great big feast. And I got all the toys that I hoped I would get. It snowed more han it normily snows. We also had all of ower christmas deckorashns out that year. And that was my favorite chistmas of all.
By Bobby Allen

My favorite Christmas was last year. Because we got to put up lights on our deck. And we get to decorate the tree. Then we go sleding. And after we go sleding we have hot chocolate. After we have hot chocolate we go inside and open presents. Christmas is the best holiday.
By Jack Scharlau

My favorite Christmas was last year in 2012. Because my big sister weres a santa hat and passes out us presents. After barfesed we open presents. After opening presents we go out side an go sleding and after sleding we drink hot coco. I help for decorating the tree. After the tree we make cookies. We love Christmas!
By Ava Leirmo

My favorite Christmas was last year. I went to grandma’s and gramdpa’s house. Then we went out side to play. Then we went inside and had hot coco and then we opend presents. Then we played down stars. Then we will have supper. Then we talk about the day we had. Then my aunt uncle and cousn will come over. Then I will go to my mom’s house and she has presents under the christmas tree. The next day I will go to my gramdna’s house and she will give us are presents that are under the christmas tree. That was my story about my favorite christmas the end
By Maci Harvey

My favorite Christmas was Last Year. I got crayon making machine. And I got a wII game. And I got a pillow pet. And also when I was done opening presents. I whent to my grandma house to open presents. Me and my brother were playing a game. The christmas tree was cool. There were glowing lights on the tree. It was white tree. It had a anile on the top of the tree. Then we opend the gifts and we also had a grat dinner there two.
By David Lyrek

My favorite Christmas was last year. My grandma said we could go on a slay ride with my cousin’s. It took an hour. Two horses pulled the slay. It was very fun then we went home. Then me and my cousin’s went sleding. It was fun. My older cousin almost hit the fence. Then I went to my aunt’s house. She has two dog there. One is named Gust and Livern licked me the most. Then we went to my granma’s house. I don’t know why we had turkey but it was fine. Well that is my christmas. Hope you have a good christmas!
By Rachael Shipley

My favorite Christmas was last year. On christmas morning I open my presents and see what I got. I go to my grandpa and grandma’s heus on the 25th. On the 26th we got to my other grandpas and grandma’s to open presents. And I make snowmen at my hous. Then we play whith are present’s. Then we go to bed. I had a very good christmas.
By Kaden Deutsch

My favorite Christmas was 2011. I all ways go to my grandma’s and grandpa’s house. We talk frist. Then we eat. Last of all we open presents. And all of the kids play with our presents and the parents all sit down and talk. And we also go sleding. The next day is Christmas. I wake up a I wake my mom my dad and my sister. Then we wait for my Dad to get the video camera then we open preands from santa clues. That’s the end of my favorite Christmas story. Then end.
By Alyssa Klueckmann

My favorite Christmas was 2 years ago. We celbrated at grandmas and grampa’s house. We opened are presents and we ate at grandmas house. Then we wactched tv. Then we went home and opened are prensts. And looked inside are stockings. Then we wactched tv. Then me and my sister played with are stuff then we played games like Bingo. Then we went outside and went sleding down our hill. It was fun. We had a great Chirstmas!
By Madison Truber

My favorite Christmas was in 2012. I went to my grandma’s house for lunch. We had ribs, dumplings and homemade bread. We played a giftcard game where you have to roll dice, then pick a gift card. Then we opened our presents. Then played with them for a while. On the tree my grandma had ornaments that had my mom’s name, aunt’s name and uncle’s name on them. In front of her house she had a pretend manger with baby Jesus in it. Inside she had cool decorations. It was really fun there!
By Kyle Irwin

My favorite Christmas was 1 year ago I wake up at 3:00. and when I am done opening presetnts I always go to my gramas and my grampas and every year they have the same decoratsons every year. And we eat and then we open presents. And then we go home to have hot chocolate My tree was 7 feet high last year. And then we put the rest of the decoratesons all round the house. And sometimes I go sleding. And that why Christmas is awesome
By Jack Kouba

My favorite Christmas was three years ago. I had a party and ate a lot of food. Then we opened presents then evreybody left a my mom dad my sister and I went to bed. Then I wake up and open presents. The we go to grandma and grandpa house. We talk and play games the we open presents then we have lunch. After lunch we play. After playing we have supper. Then the day is over.
By Mitchell Medin

My favorite Christmas was in 2012. in the morning I went up stars to get brecfest. Then I went to opin presents then I invited some friends to build snowhouses and sled. Finoly we went insdie to have hot choclate then back outside again. Soon my friends left and I went to my grandma and grandpa’s house to play games. Next I home and had a big snowball war with my brother and sisters last we went to have pizza and go to bed.
By Jadent Buchholz

My favorite Christmas was two years ago. My cousin Dionndra and my aunt carrie. I liked it cause I gota Digital Light Designer. And a big horse. When we are all done we go to church and get presents there. One time I got a present that I wanted and I got a present someone else wanted so we traded. Christmas is fun.
By Keyarra Olson

My favorite Christmas was last year. I went to my Aunt Jean’s house to open presents. Tomorrow we went to my gradma’s house to eat and open presents. The day after that we opened our prenest under the tree. What a fun christmas!
By Mark Sonnentag

My favorite Christmas was when I was 1 in 2005. my first Christmas was really fun because it was when I opened my first present. I did need a little help because I was little. After I opened my presents I went to my grandmas house and opened more presents. Last I went back to my house and went to sleep. And that was my favorite Christmas.
By Paige Jensen

My favorite Christmas was 2 years ago. I went to grandmas house to eat cookies. Then we open presents. Then we build a snow man. We ate lunch and we decorate then we play a snowball figth and I got a puppie. We play xbox 360 then play tag. I also ate chicken mash potatoes. Then we put up the chritmas tree with a star on top. Then we color a picture of santa claus and the raindeer.
By Dylan Clayton