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My Favorite Christmas – Mrs. Berndt’s 3rd Grade Class – 2013

My Favorite Christmas – Mrs. Berndt’s 3rd Grade Class – 2013

 Christmas is the best holiday. Christmas is fun because you can open your presents. I like Christmas because you can make cookies with frosting on them.
Wendy Perez

I went snowmobilling I also went to a park with lights. I got a video game for crismas what is called pokemon black and white tow. I got world record beok 2013 I also got pokemon cards black and white
Brodee Everson

The snowman Once I made a snow man I mad the big dall then I made the little dall then I was done.
Mathias Johnson,

The sledding trip Theier once was a boy he loved sledding so much tell one day the snow covored the door and he tried to ues a shovel it didn’t work he uesed a snowplow it did work and he went sledding.
The End
Dylyn Hiitola

I got a pogo stick for Christmas. I jump on my pogo stick one day I didn’t jump on it and I hav to put it in the garage. And I got a toy car and I got pajamas.
Xzavier Clark

one Chrismas I got a big castle that year thar was a lot of snow and I got to go sleding down my big hill I allmost went my drivway and I got stock in a tree under the tree was a putel my dad had to pull me out from under the tree me and my dad made a snow fort me and my dad had to shovl the trivway on the snow fort we had a snowball fite me and my brother hid in the snow forte we thro the snowball at my dad
Ashton Yarrington

This Christmas im going to Florda im going to Disney world. And my mom and dad are renewing their vows and im going to miss a week of school I can’t wait becouse im going with my famliy.
By Brionna Terrana

My favirete christmas gift is a toy car and a snowmobile and a snowboard it was cool. And I had a lot of fun with my snowmobile and my snoboard and my toy car.
By Luke Anderson

Once a upon a time there was a litte reindeer named Wendy. She loved to party a lot. So she went to partys but they would not let her in. so she snuck in because she was little she could sneek though the cracks. So she did. “Wow” said Wendy. She was sprised with all decorations and it was a sprise party for her and she was happy.
The End
By Emilee Bauer

Christmas is fun! At Christmas you get present’s. Last year on Christmas eve I got a early Christmas present. It was a staft animal it was a Rudolph. On Rudolph’s bibs it said “Santa’s Helper”
By Mallory Field

Once there was a girl who had no home. She had no family or money. One Christmas she had no idea how she would get presents. On Christmas night she heard a weird sound. She thought is was nothing so she went back to sleep. In the morning she saw some thing in the snow. She went p and found presents she read the tag and it said Kassie Heidorn she opened it up and she found a coat and some gloves and boots and a hat and snow pants then she saw a light she stood up and went to the light there she saw a family and they said we know you we are your aunt and uncle and your cousins. If you need a home come with us. She went in there house and saw the most prettest house in the world they feed her good food. But after that she went to the wood and got her coat gloves boots and her hat and snowpants. Then she went back in the house and had a good time she got more presents and had a warm bed she had lots of candy and had lots of fun playing with her cousins. One day she went out side to where she used to live in the woods and found her stick doll and her moms doll she got before she died. She spent her life mostly in the house. When she was older she went on vacation with her best friend lissa. They went to Florida. They swam played with dolphins. They had a awesome day. Then they went home. The End
By Molly Heidorn

Once upon a time thare was a litle girl named mana she wanted a monster hiy baly and she oponed all the presens to see if thar was a moster hiy baly and thare was 1 but it was not the 1 she whated to have but she still love it vare muck she played and played with t all bay logn she ate with it and she got another one it was the one she wanted all anogh. She played with boat uv them she sleped with them and she took them to skooll and the park she hualed them she put them in a rear craner and she liveed apelly ever after the end
By Mona Sundstrom

The snow Man Onc a pon a time there was a snow Man how was alive bobedy nowed he liked to snowboard and snowmobing he met some kids they made him a family the end.
By Joshua Hightower

Once there was a little ginger berad man who was cooked by a little girl and this little girl bake it so well. The little girl put a lot of frosting on it and sprecels on it to. Then it came to the time for eating it so she ate the little ginger berad man and it was sooo good she said so she made another ginger berad man the same wasy as she made her other with a lot of frosting and a lot of sprecels to and then she ate it agen she said it wes better than the other one she had made and on the one she jist made she put gumey bares on it and exstr frosting and exstr sprecels and ever more sprecels and she add more forsting to and that was way she though it was so good and after she was done she got a tumie ake and she did not feel good for a capel of days untel one day she felt better and she said to her self I will not make a ginger berad man with a lot of frosting or a lot of sprineils on and she did not make one like that ever agin in her whole intier life but she stell made ginger berad man and they tasted the same as they did as when she mabe the second one. Then one days she had some frends over to her house a they played for 2 hours. They played duck duck goes and dolls and pin the tail on the donky and that was when they went home at 9:30 and the little girl went to bed but bfore she went to bed she put her pmams on and brush her teeth and then she went to bed and she whok up happy and with a sunny smily. The End
By Amanda Fischer

For Christmas last year I whent to Disney land. And I got a Bbgun. I got a JB cd and a one direction cd.
By Isabell Krueger

last christmas I got a gun, legos and skylander giants and my dad got me a clip and in the spring I got 5 squirrles.
By William DeKarske

Happy happy holiday happy happy holiday have a very ver very happy holiday hope you have a happy holiday Chrismas is a fun holiday hope you have a fun Chrismas and hope you have some fun opening your guys presents and hope you get what you wanted for Chrismas and hope you can go snowmobileing this Chrismas and hope you get some presents from Santa Clause and Mrs. Clause and the elves for Chrismas and hope you have a party and get to go snowboading in the snow and make snow angels and get to make some snowman and get to shovel your driveway in the winter and get to go Disney world and Disney land
By Aynsley Olson

Christmas is a fun time. Last year for Christmas I woke up at 5:00 A.M. But we were at our aunts house because our Mom had a baby so we had Christmas a few days later. We got a lot of nice presents one of the presents was a pair of slippers that are called stompes because when you walk or stomp they “pop up” I got nail polish and a cheetah print make-up case and lip stick the brand is NYC it stands for New York colors. My baby sisters name is Neko. She is almost 1 year old I think we are going to do Neko’s real birthday on Christmas but have a big birthday party with our hole exsteded family a few days later I got a lof presents I think this year will be hard to have christmas this year because Neko is crawling all over now and shell try and eat our gifts. Some things I want are a 3OS and a acssesori trit for it some clothes, some matching clothes for my amarican girl doll. I also want a lot of buotis too I want them in a pack I think Neko will be walking by Christmas. She likes to talk a lot she can say mom dad like and hi but not Enzo.
By Lila Parent

Once opn a time there was four kittins and four dogs. They wanted to go outside but they needed snow clothes. It was now Christmas they wrote their christmas list and santa gave them winter clothes. They went out side to make snow kittens and snow dogs. They had to get a christmas tree so they did. They decarated it. It was beautuful. They were invited to christmas partys. They go more presnts. One day they had a snow ball fite it was fun. One day they noidced they needed a biger house. So they went to find a new home. They found the perfict house. The got a sled and moved he loved their new home. They had new naders. They made new snow dogs and snow kittens. They had a lot of togther. They went to bed. They woke up the next morning. They played in side that day. They played with theire toys. Kittens had yarn balls. Dogs had chew toys. The end
By Allison Schmitt

I got a presents. Like have fun, merry Chistmas. Got a pilopilot. I wat snowboarding.
By Kieryn Potter

I love Chirsht because I dod awesome stuff because it is fun on chirsht because I like to open preast on chirsht moring it is fun
By Miranda Knutson

two years ago I got a remote control snowmobile, a plow truck, clothes and garges. Last year I got a dumptruck, legos, garages games, clothes cards toys a gun be-bees.
By Nicolaus Jensen

When I was 7 years old I got a BB gun. When I 8 I got a bow and boot and a airsoft gun. I remember shooting cans with my BB gun.
By Mark Solberg

Once upon a time there was a snowman and a Santa that fought a lot because Christmas was almost here. The snowman always wanted his way. Now he wanted to have Christmas the way his gramma always had it finally they fought and fought and fought and they had enough fighting because of all the racket they made so they woke MRS. Clause to see what she thought cause they where all best frends that one another could ever dream of having so they tried to work it out and finally they stuck with Santa’s plan. Christmas is here they all shouted. The End
By Kaitlyn Loofboro

My Christmas. Last year was the best Christmas I had because I got 18 presents. My favorite present was a MP3 player. This Christmas I hope to get a new Ipod case. For Christmas I go over to my grandma’s house. Christmas is my favorite holiday because I get presents and its Jesus’s birthday. We get a long Christmas break at school. I like to make snow forts.
By Braden Kiekafer