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Dear Santa – Mr. Turek’s 2nd Grade Class – 2013

Dear Santa – Mr. Turek’s 2nd Grade Class – 2013

Dear Santa, I wot a truk and I wot a game. I wont a bike.
Your friend, Zachary Balts

Dear Santa, I want mostr hiy dols and stuf tomms and blakits and a bivk and books and sliprs and toys.
Your friend, Emma Link

Dear Santa, I want a XBox and a scodre and a Play Stany. and a. toy ben tentoy.
Your friend, Joshua Lor

Dear Santa, how come you don’t want any body to see you? We all want to see you can can you rite us letters or give us pickchers of you.
Your friend, Kylee Jenson

Dear Santa, I have been good. And under my tree I want is…a iPad so i can do math and my home work. And will games i want is lago harry potter will game. I hope I get it for Cristmist.
Your friend, Candence Potter

Dear Santa, All I want is a Three DS. I allso wont to thank you for giving me a very nise crismis.
Your friend, Preston Brueggen

Dear Santa, i want a zomer for Chicmis. and a xbox for Chicmis and Legows for Chicmis.
Your friend, Carter Wolf

Dear Santa, I rile want for Cristmas is a iPod. then, I rile want is a lego plece stashin.
Your friend, Logan Kelley

Dear Santa, I want a real horse for chrismiss. How do you make all the toys in the short time? I also want some real little goats.
Your friend, Jadynn Traxler

Dear Santa, I wood like snow. And a Gmod. And can I have 50 dollars? how olld are the elves?
Your friend, Elijah Sorensen

Dear Santa, I wud rilley like a rille horsey! And I wont fon! wub you like a Jingeraman to eat wen you kom ovner to my hose. And wub you put some presints unber my winit wit krismis trey its miney.
Your friend, Elizabeth Wisemiller

Dear Santa, I wont a zoomer and cole and a Iypad. How old oer the elvs? Happey Crismis!
Your friend, Caden Steffen-Ludwig

Dear Santa, I will want a rele sea horse thank you for last year ckrismis and I will want some staf for a sea horse.
Your friend, Shaunti Stanek

Dear Santa, For Crismis I want an X-Box. And computer. and Pokemon EXs. thank you for the toys.
Your friend, Riley Krall

Dear Santa, I whant sage and her horse and I want the noow toy frozen and i whant a horse!
Your friend, Elizabeth (Liz) Kuhn

Dear Santa, I would like a Xbox4 and a minecraft game! and Do you make presence when it’s not even cristmas
Your friend, River Johnson

Dear Santa, for Christmas I would like a Choclete lab, my owen room, a new Cat. Do you get Christmas presnts? Do you rilly live in the north pole?
Your friend, Caroline Gabert

Dear Santa, I wood like a Xbox 360 and Zommer Please and a helacopter that has a bome and Maddam football please and pacman and I hop you have a good Crismis.
Santa what do you do the woe crismis
Your friend, Tyler Gagner

Dear Santa, I want a flying helacoper, xbox, computer, wiii, pokemon exs, just cards, football cards, max steel soard, stoft anamls.
Your friend, Bodie