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Boyceville fire district, ambulance district table Tiffany request

By LeAnn R. Ralph

BOYCEVILLE — The Boyceville Community Fire District and the Boyceville Community Ambulance District have both tabled a request from the Town of Tiffany to take the remainder of the township into the Boyceville service area.

The Tiffany Town Board has decided to wait until the township’s annual meeting in April to put the question to town residents whether the entire township should be served by Boyceville for fire and ambulance, said Mike Blechinger, a town board supervisor and Tiffany’s representative to the fire district and the ambulance district at the December 11 meeting.

The town board wants to bring it to the residents to see if they are for it or against it because of the cost, he said.

Three sections of the Town of Tiffany are in the Glenwood City service area.

The Tiffany Town Board tabled the issue of putting the entire township into the Boyceville service area until after the annual meeting in April, Blechinger said.

Since the Tiffany Town Board has tabled the issue, representatives of the Boyceville Community Fire District and Boyceville Community Ambulance District decided to also table the issue until after Tiffany’s annual meeting.

Ambulance station

During the Boyceville ambulance district meeting, Matt Feeney, ambulance director, reported that the general contractor/project manager for remodeling the Keyes building “has disappeared.”

“He will not return phone calls or texts,” Feeney said.

Andrew Kissh, a captain with the Boyceville ambulance service, has a background in maintenance and construction, and Halverson Brothers Plumbing& Heating has agreed to do the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) and the plumbing, he said.

Feeney discussed the lack of a project manager with Halverson Brothers, and a representative for the company said that it was not uncommon and they could work around it, Feeney said.

Right now, the Boyceville ambulance service is waiting for state approval of the plans for the HVAC and the plumbing, he said.

Emergency Medical Services week is the second week in May, and Feeney said he anticipates having an open house at the new ambulance station no later than the second week in May.

“It’s a doable goal,” he said.

Most of the framing can be completed right now, but the drywall cannot be installed until the roof is completed, and the roof cannot be sprayed until the temperature is above 40 degrees, Feeney noted.

The drywall must be installed before electrical and plumbing can be completed, he said.

Other business

In other business, the Boyceville Fire District and Boyceville Ambulance District

• Approved authorizing an audit of the fire district’s accounts and the ambulance district’s accounts using Clifton Larson Allen LLP, the firm that audits the village’s books.

• Approved authorizing Brian Marlette, fire chief, and Cindy Swanepoel, clerk-treasurer for the fire district, to pay the remaining bills that come in before the end of December rather than holding a settlement meeting.

• Approved authorizing Feeney and Swanepoel to pay the remaining bills that come in before the end of December for the ambulance district.

• Learned from Fire Chief Marlette that the Boyceville Fire Department had gone out on 60 runs so far this year.

• Learned that the old fire truck had been put out for sale on a Wednesday and had been sold the following Monday for $5,500 to Jeremy Bartos of New Haven to be used as a farm truck.

• Approved purchasing four new tires for the fire department’s Engine No. 2. The tires will cost $426 each. Marlette said two tires could be purchased in December and two in January for budget purposes, but fire district representatives decided that if the truck needed tires, it would be better to purchase them now all at once.

• Learned from Marlette that the lettering and detail is finished on Boyceville’s new fire engine.

The Boyceville Community Fire District meets next on January 15 at 6:30 p.m. at the Boyceville Village Hall.

The Boyceville Community Ambulance District meets next on January 15 at 7 p.m. or following the fire district meeting.