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Boyceville Public Library receives special donation

By Kelsie Hoitomt

BOYCEVILLE – The Boyceville Public Library was surprised recently with a $20,000 donation, which will be given to the facility in $5,000 increments over the next four years.

The first $5,000 check was presented in early October by Ellen Carlson to Ginny Julson, the Library’s director.

 Arlien Carlson’s son, Alan, received some money from his mother after her passing in 2010. Alan wanted to do something to honor his mother’s memory and since she had a passion for reading and a love of the local library, he decided that donating the money to the Boyceville Library would honor her as well as help the Library with needed items.

However, Alan passed away last year after fighting a long battle with a blood disorder.  Ellen made a promise to him that she would fulfill his wish. So with money received from her mother-in-law and her late husband she was able to present the donation.

According to Ellen, the money is to be used as best benefits the facility and the community it serves such as ceiling fans in the backroom, cozy area for in-library reading, speakers to present topics, which would be of interest to the adult population of Boyceville, and updated technology (laptop computers) for after school use by students that don’t have computers or good internet service in their rural homes.

So far, the first $5,000 has been not only greatly appreciated, but put to immediate use as the Library was recently remodeled. The money helped pay for the new carpet, paint job, computer desks and shelves. This is the first time in 27 years that the Library has had new carpet and paint.