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Rothers give learning experience and donation to Boyceville FFA

BOYCEVILLE –  Hands on experience can often enhance the learning process.

That is just what some members of Boyceville’s high school agriculture class and Future Farmers of America chapter had the opportunity to do while studying a plant science unit this past month. The experience not only paid dividends in the classroom but also in the chapter’s pocket book.

Richard and Rayann Rother hosted a handful of students and FFA members from Glenn Knutson’s agriculture class at Boyceville High School during the soybean harvest on their farm on County Road N just north of Boyceville on Thursday, October 10.

After learning about plant structure and taxonomy, physiology, and propagation, vegetable production, grain, oil, and specialty field crop production, and pest management during their plant science unit, the student group, which included Tyler Draeger, Wyatt Hansen, Brady Schutts, Tyler Stroo, Brett Boda, Mitch Leach, and Sam Hellmann, were able to experience the harvest of soybeans first hand thanks to the Rothers and earn some money for the FFA.

Richard Rother, who is entering his second year as the area’s Renk Seed Dealer, donated a truck load of soybeans to the Boyceville FFA during the students visit to his farm. During the harvest, Rother’s name sake and son, Richard Jr., maneuvered the combine alongside a student’s truck and filled the bed with 3,010 pounds of soybeans. After their visit, the students took the load of soybeans to Quality Grain in Connorsville and will be receiving about $600 for the crop which will be used for field trips, conventions, and awards.

Richard Rother, who sells Renk Seed directly to area farmers, noted that soybeans are used in a number of everyday applications.

“Soybeans are in every single thing in our lives,” said Rother. He noted that the bean is used in biodiesel fuels, plastics, cattle proteins, ink as well as food products.

The Rothers were pleased that they could assist the local FFA, an organization that holds fond memories for both Richard and Rayann.

“We support the FFA,” said Richard Rother. “The local chapter hasn’t done a corn drive and as former FFA members from our days in Farmington, MN we wanted to give something back to FFA.”

The Rothers moved to the area in 1985 when they purchased the farm at E2046 County Road N. They milked cows until 2005 and now cash crop the land. Richard is also an over-the-road trucker as well as a farmer and seed dealer.

For the Rothers, the donation and experience was a worthwhile endeavor.

The students received hands-on-knowledge and some much needed funding for their FFA chapter and Rothers gained the satisfaction that they are helping the next generation learn about farming and giving back to an organization that made a lasting impression on them.

Ted Richel, Renk Seed Company’s District Sales Manager for Northwest Wisconsin was also there to help with the students visit. Richel said that Renk Seed Company, based out of Sun Prairie, WI,  is a proud and strong supporter of FFA statewide and relishes the opportunity for events such as this one.