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Boyceville school board listens to reports, looks at new food service vehicle

BOYCEVILLE — The School Board heard reports from the administration team and agreed to have the Superintendent look for a used vehicle for the school’s food service program.

Both High/Middle School Principal, Steve Glocke and Elementary Principal Nick Kaiser praised the whole custodial staff for their work during the summer months to get the buildings and grounds ready for the upcoming opening of school.

Kaiser touched on the fact that there will be three and half days of in-service for staff before the start of school and in his report stated that, “we will be holding our 13th annual Open House to kick off the beginning of the school year on Tuesday, September 3rd. The primary purpose of this day is for parents and staff to meet one another and share information that will be crucial in the course of working together for the rest of the school year.”

Kaiser also welcomed a new third grade teacher, Shannon Bignell.

He also presented a list of the number of students in each class at Tiffany Creek Elementary. Each grade from Kindergarten through sixth grade showed a count of from 52 students to 56 with ECH listing three students and ELC with 46, for a total of 428 students. However, Kaiser told the board that the numbers were fluid numbers and noted that as of Monday, he had six or seven changes.

Board Vice President, Tim Sempf, noted to Kaiser that just a few years ago the number of students listed for the sixth grade was only 43 and now it has increased to 55. Sempf was conducting the board meeting in place of Board President Gail Stark, who had other commitments and was not able to attend the meeting Monday evening.

Glocke informed the board that the school has received notice from the DPI that their 2013-2016 Technology Plan has been approved. He noted that, “it was approved on the first shot.”

Glocke also stated that ten high school students completed a record of 33 Advanced Placement (AP) exams. “It was learned that 21 of these exams results in passing scores of a 3 or higher,” his report indicated. He praised the kids and staff for their excellent work.

He also spoke about Brian Roemhild as the new Athletic Director and presented a list of upcoming athletic events. He also noted the numbers of students in the football program has increased, “especially the younger kids.”

District Superintendent, Kevin Sipple expanded the principals report on in-service for the staff noting that the instructional staff will be part of a joint in-service at Elk Mound on Tuesday, August 27. “The school districts of Boyceville, Colfax and Elk Mound will attend this workshop together with the speaker being Dr. Dale Henry.”

Sipple also spoke about the mandated Educator Effectiveness law that goes into effect next year. He noted that Mr. Glocke has lead the schoo’ls efforts in adopting the CESA #6 model and will meet with the board in their work session on September 3rd to talk about Educator Effectiveness.

Sipple also addressed the school’s new program, which was approved at the last annual meeting called the “Senior Exchange Program.” Sipple stated, “We had five senior citizens receive some tax dollars toward their property taxes in exchange for the work they did in our schools.” He noted that at present there are seven district residents participating in the program.

Sempf questioned how they are paid for their work. Sipple noted that a check is issued to the person and the municipality they live in and that money goes toward their tax bill.

In her report to the board, Bonnie Barker, Director of Special Education talked about the parenting with the Fishful Thinking program to promote the relationship between positive psychology and children’s positive outcomes in school and life. She talked about the program and had a bag of Goldfish snacks for those present to the board meeting. She said, “ We are sending home some information that parents can do with kids at home.” She concluded that, “it is a positive way to reach parents.”

In other action, the board approved hiring Kerry Peterson as the 7th grade volleyball coach.

They approved several changes in the student handbook and amended the schools 403 (b) plan.

The board also voted to allow the district superintendent to spend up to $13,000 to find a replacement for the school food service vehicle. Sipple explained that the present vehicle is 18-years old and has over 200,000 miles. He would try to find a used seven-passenger vehicle to serve the district. He also noted that the DPI has been critical of the balance the district carries in the fund 50 account. They would like to see no more than a three month balance in the food account.