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Boyceville Bits and Pieces – 8-21-2013

Here it is, another dry week. We sure had nice weather for our weekend of doings. The Town was full.  The horse parade was really great, as was the main Sunday parade.

 People stopped in and remembered to see us at the shop. How nice the town looked, and it was so clean the next morning. People remarked on Boyceville Thrift Sales being so clean, with not much junk.

Ben and Varleen Miller from Davison, Michigan were weekend visitors for Candace and Brian Wolff. Varleen is Candace’s sister.

Frank Reynold and Janet and Jack Friss from Stevens Point, and Avis Smithback of Menomonie were Friday guests at Dee Brezina’s.

Darcy and her family were here for the weekend!  I always enjoy the family.

The Golden Pickle brought a lot of interest to the people. A lot stopped to see and read the clues. If you noticed, I mentioned all the businesses except the gas station, which was where it was hidden. Gib and Lisa Krueger’s daughter Larissa found it and won the prize.

Didn’t have too many that entered the Flower Show or the vegetable show. There were three corn entries. Thanks to those who entered, and let’s keep this going.

Well now Boyceville, rest up. I know I’m going to. Keep Mary Slind and Doris Herdahl in your prayers, and also for rain. God Bless.

God Bless,