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Days of Old – 8-14-2013

Days of Old – 8-14-2013

10 years ago
Tribune of July 30, 2003

The Boyceville School Board Monday night reinstated the 4-year-old kindergarten for the coming school year.

Andy Pafko visited his hometown of Boyceville last Tuesday, July 22, along with this brother Frank.

They Boyceville School District is facing a $100,000 lawsuit over an item that appeared in a yearbook supplement in 2001. Desiree L. Price claims that the yearbook supplement defamed and humiliated her, due to a phrase behind her name in a photo cutline.

The St. Croix Mudders Inc. made a $300 donation to Glenwood City Fire Department recently.

Al Anderson and Kellie Anderson placed well at the St. Croix County Fair this year, as did Ella Rassbach, Gladys Lewis, Renee Jilek, and Mary Tiberg.

25 years ago
Tribune of July 6, 1988

Two of the older buildings at the St. Croix County Fairgrounds, Glenwood City, were demolished last week.

Paul Hedlund has joined Lyle Hight Jr. at Hight Insurance Agency, Boyceville, as of July 1.

Governor Tommy Thompson declared a 30-day state of emergency for all of Wisconsin effective June 28 that prohibits all open fires and use of fireworks in further efforts to protect grassland and forests from accidental fire.

50 years ago
Tribune of August 29, 1963

The National Farmers Organization Saturday morning picketed five business places in Glenwood and one in Downing, asking that they cease to handle dairy products marketed by two dairy companies who, they said, had refused to sign contracts and in some cases were fighting the NFO. The two dairies involved were the Land ‘o Lakes and Knapp creameries.

With the opening of high school on Monday morning of Jt. School Dist.  No. 1, the total enrollment was 295, divided as follows: 73 in grade 12, 70 in grade 11, 77 in grade 10 and 75 in grade 9.

Postmaster Gordon Mollers announced today that planes, trucks and busses will be pressed into service to move air and first class mail to its destination and to move other classes of mail within a 150-mile radius of Glenwood City in the event of a nationwide rail strike.

60 years ago
Tribune of August 13, 1953

Marvin Berg has accepted the position of head coach at the Glenwood City Schools.

Bradford Krizan, the 2.5 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Al Krizan, was striken with Polio last week Wednesday and was rushed to the Sister Kenny Institute in Minneapolis.

Much butter is now “scored” on a voluntary basis but as the surplus of butter have piled up, butter may now be required to be grade labeled. An effort will be made at the October session of the legislature.

95 years ago
The Glenwood Tribune
July 11, 1918

“To Be or Not To Be” – that is the question, and it is up to the citizens to decide the fate of Glenwood City’s 1918 Fair. The Glenwood Inter-County Fair officers will meet tomorrow evening and believe that the opinion of the citizens should definitely be brought out before going ahead  with the fair.

Pioneer Settler Dead – C.P. Clark, one of the oldest residents of the Town of Tiffany, and for many years a Glenwood City resident, died at St. Joseph’s hospital in Chippewa Falls Saturday.

Despite of the opposition of the weather man, a crowd of approximately 1,000 people attended the celebration here for the Fourth. The bad weather interfered with a part of the program, but the main events of the day passed off as per schedule.

30 years ago
Boyceville Press Reporter
August 11, 1983

A host of events are being planned for the annual three day extravaganza known as the Boyceville Cucumber Festival, August 26-28.

Construction started on the toilet facilities at Boyceville’s Rec park the week. By Aug. 8 the roof was on the structure, which should nearly completed by Aug. 12 and definitely seems set to be in service by August 26 start of the annual Cucumber Festival.