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Boyceville Bits and Pieces – 8-14-2013

Been just a few days ago, I looked at these papers, trying to get things going in my mind. It sure goes fast. We still haven’t gotten rain. Our crops are in distress like all other  farmers.

Today there were a lot of Doris and Phil Herdahl’s friends and family showing their support by attending the book signing of their book.  God Bless.

It seems that fall and school are not far behind, when you see the ads for school clothes and supplies. Winter is not too far away. Been told there’s going to be an early frost. That scares us that without rain our crops won’t make it.

Now it’s time to mention next weekend. At the store, bring in the flowers for the flower show, vegetables for the vegetable show, and don’t forget the pickle creation – make those pickles into anything your imagination lets you create. Corn of this year because of no rain. Also remember my pickle tree. Bring a pickle with your name on it to support the Pickle Fest. Been really thinking of where to hide this golden pickle, dated 2013. It’s worth $100.00 Clues will be posted in business from Thursday on Clue #1 is here. Remember when Boyceville Business district was a place that people would gather on Friday night and could get everything here, didn’t need to travel too far. I remember when we used to be a serviceable town. Now there is no more lumber yard or two hardware stores or two grocery stores.

Hope you drop in and give me your news of who came home for the weekend. Let’s pray for rain before the weekend.

God Bless,