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Days of Old – 8-7-2013

Days of Old – 8-7-2013

10 years ago
Tribune of July 23, 2003

At the annual school meeting, Glenwood City approved a lower budget, about 2% less than last year’s.

Due to housing growth, st. Croix County is the 28th fastest growing county in the U.S., according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

Several Glenwood City area residents placed well at the St. Croix County Fair this year, among them is Clarence Luepke, Nicholas Baumann, Jessica Anderson, Natasha Baumann, Amanda Mason, Michelle McNamara, Jennifer McNamara, Kelsie Konder, Angela Jeske, Tricia Bazille, Melissa and Marie Lemay, Willie Mason, Mike Erickson, Mitchell Erickson, Drew Mason, Kayleen Bartz, Mark McCluskey, Renita McCluskey, and Stephanie McCluskey.

25 years ago
Tribune of June 29, 1988

Last Thursday afternoon a pickup driven by Darrvol Hedtke of Connorsville, which was carrying anhydrous ammonia spraying tank, lost control on Hwy. 64 rolled over. Hedtke was pinned by the steering wheel while his head was out the door. He was taken to the New Richmond Hospital and was released Friday after treatment.

The cost of driving drunk will go up an additional $57.50 on July 1, bringing the total initial outlay for a first offender to $576.

No changes will be made in the fire protection district assignments in Springfield Township for now.  Springfield will stay in Glenwood Fire Dept.

50 years ago
Tribune of August 22, 1963

The new manager of the Inter-State Lumber Yard Co. here is Bob Miller, who took over duties Monday morning.

Terry Thorsen, Glenwood City FFA and 4-H Club member, showed a registered Holstein bull at the 1963 Wisconsin State Fair. He received a 4th place ribbon on the animal.

The Glenwood City Auto Co. of Glenwood City has been selected as one of the nation’s outstanding Ford dealerships and will receive Ford Motor Company’s Distinguished Achievement Award.

60 years ago
Tribune of August 6, 1953

The evangelistic meetings now being conducted at the Downing Methodist church under the direction of Pastor Lowell D. Stoesz, will continue through August 16.

City water is safe – The July sample was taken from a tap in the pump house and the report came back as “Safe”.

The 1953 St. Croix County fair was a success here, despite the heavy rain on Monday.

95 years ago
The Glenwood Tribune
July 4, 1918

A special levy of $2,000 was made after the need of a complete remodeling of the heating system at the School District No. 1 annual meeting. The district will conserve coal next winter by remodeling the heating system.

The annual stockholders’ meeting of the First State bank was held Monday afternoon. The increase of the banks capital from $35,000.00 to $42,000.00 by the admission of new stockholders resulted in the largest attendance of stockholders ever present at their annual meeting.

School District No. 1 has about $11,000.00 if war saving stamps as a result of the meeting held at the high school last Friday afternoon, National War Savings day.

The Tribune office has been in a rather “mussed-up” condition the past week, due to the installation of two new pieces of labor saving machinery. The first of these is an Eclipse folding machine, which is already in operation. The second machine is an improved typesetting machine, which equals the capacity of several compositors.

30 years ago
Boyceville Press Reporter
August 4, 1983

The $2.4 million budget was approved Aug. 1 at the Boyceville Community Schools annual district meeting.

Whether or not the regular meeting should be changed from its normal Aug. 1 date to Aug. 2 to accommodate a late picnic beer license, sparked controversy at the July 26 special meeting of the Boyceville Village board and took as much time as the agenda items.

Don Warner is the new minister at Christian Fellowship Church, Boyceville.

John Hellmann, a sophomore at Boyceville high school and member of the Boyceville FFA Chapter, produced the first place hog carcass in the Dunn County Fair meat animal project.