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Boyceville Bits & Pieces – 7-24-2013

These Sundays seems to fall fast. We seem to keep busy, even in this heat. Hope you all keep drinking water, and plenty of water, too. “OK Mother, I’m drinking water!” You know who I’m talking about.

 Today was a bittersweet day. My little dog has been sick for a few weeks, she was on antibiotics but old age won out. She died this morning in the rain. She wasn’t in pain, and never whined when you moved her. She slept away. God bless, she’s at rest.

Today we had a family reunion at Roger Hanson’s (Wagner). While there I was presented with a certificate of Confirmation of my Grandma Wagner. A role model of what a true woman, mother and grandmother is.  She was everyone’s grandmother. I was so proud to walk on main street in Menomonie. The clerks would come out and say hi.

Grandmother Wagner was known as that, she lived with us, she was the grandma to all my friends. God’s love showed through her. Remembering on Christmas she fell coming out of church but wouldn’t go to the hospital for fear of ruining us kids’ Christmas. God forbid she wouldn’t see us opening our socks or panties. God bless.

Back to this certificate it’s in the original frame, dated back to 1813 and all in German. I would like help reading, so I can rewrite the honor. Where do I go?  What a great presentation.

Francis Reynolds was here on July 15th and visited with Dee Brezina. She came up with Janett and Jack Fries from the Stevens Point area and they had lunch at Dee’s.

On Friday night Darlene come home from Green Bay. On Saturday the three girls – Dawn, Darlene and Darcy – went up to the Winery. They thought that was neat, and then they stopped at the Grain Bin. Afterwards, we all had supper over at Dawn’s, then headed up to the family reunion.

I also had to make a trip to the Fair because I bid on a couple of things at the silent auction on Friday, some of those glass yard art.

The half sale is still on until the end of the month. Fred’s birthday in creeping up, and so is Mike Christopherson’s and Janett Tonlein’s. God Bless the world for this time they have with us.

Enough now – having a mess right now, my seeing is going haywire.

God Bless you in this heat and remember to drink water.