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Boyceville school board hears good news about state aids

BOYCEVILLE — The school board heard good news about state aids from District Superintendent Kevin Sipple at their July Board meeting Monday night, July 8.

During his report, Sipple told the board that Governor Walker has signed the state budget and said that the Boyceville School District received a 2.53 percent increase in General Aid.

 This increase amounts to an additional $135,644 to the district and increased the state aids from $5,367,295 in the 2012-2013 school year to an estimated $5,502,939 for the 2013-2014 school year.

“This does not give the district more money to pay our expenses, it simply offsets the dollars we need to levy from the taxpayers,” Sipple’s report indicated. He also reported that the district will not have a solid number on the aid amount until October.

In another matter, Sipple praised Doug Siler, who takes care of the district’s school buses on the recent completed inspection by the Wisconsin State Patrol. “All of our buses passed the inspection and they are in compliance with DOT standards.” Sipple noted that the inspector found one light bulb that did not work and it was quickly replaced before the inspector left, Sipple noted.

In other business the board pondered for some time the request from a member of the teaching staff for personal leave. At question was the paid leave of five days and using a personal day from last year that was not used. But the board was informed that unused personal days transfer to sick time if not used.

Board president Gail Stark questioned about the precedent that it might set. “It is not in line with our handbook,” Stark indicated to the board. She continued, “What is our vision as a board to allow extra days of vacation?” She said that the administration was recommending that this request not be approved.

Board member Tim Sempf asked if the board would have to approve the request if it were unpaid days off. He was told that the board would have to act on it either way.

Board member Eric Evenson said that he agreed with Stark about setting a precedent and then moved to deny the request, but that motion died for a lack of a second. After some more discussion the board moved to table the request for further clarification.

In other action the board approved the resignation of the following personal:

Patrick Gretzlock as Athletic Director and Dean of Students; Chris Bowman as 7th grade Football Coach and Chelsea Larson as Dance Team advisor. President Stark thanked these people for their service to the school district.