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Boyceville approves conditional use for assisted living

By LeAnn R. Ralph

BOYCEVILLE — The Boyceville Village Board has approved a conditional use permit for the expansion of an assisted living facility.

Denise Jeske and Terra Engeman, representing Safe Haven Adult Assisted Living LLC, spoke to the village board at Monday night’s meeting (July 8) during a public hearing on the conditional use permit.

The facility, located at 421 Main Street, currently has room for four residents.

 The proposed expansion would provide additional room for four more residents, and with a capacity of between five and eight residents, Safe Haven would be considered a Community Based Residential Facility (CBRF).

The addition will be on the east side of the existing facility.

Jeske and Engeman told the village board they had torn down the house at 427 Main Street to make room for the new addition.

The CBRF would be a change in their state license and would require operating under a different set of rules, such as installing sprinklers in the whole facility and installing new heat and smoke detection devices, they said.

The facility is licensed to take care of the mentally and physically disabled; those with post traumatic brain disorders; and people of advanced age.

Each side of the facility, because of the two residential lots, would have its own water and sewer laterals, Jeske and Engeman noted.

Because of the two residential lots, backflow prevention devices would be needed to prove to the state Department of Natural Resources that the services are not connected, said Don Rose, director of public works.

“It shouldn’t be an issue,” he said.

If the structure should end up as a twin home or a duplex in the future, it would require two services, noted Gilbert Krueger, village president.

“I have heard no negatives about it,” he said.

“It’s nice to have it there,” agreed Herb Dow, village trustee.

Brian Wolff, village trustee, said he was a neighbor of Safe Haven and that the facility was always quiet and well-kept.

“They are providing a service the community desperately needs,” he said.

“There is no reason not to issue a conditional use permit,” Krueger said.

The Boyceville Village Board unanimously approved a conditional use permit for Safe Haven Adult Assisted Living.

Although members of the public attended the meeting, they were not asked if they wanted to give testimony either for or against the proposed conditional use permit.

Village Trustees Jonathan Farrell and John Hellmann were absent from the meeting.

Other business

In other business, the Boyceville Village Board:

• Opened bids for the Local Road Improvement Project (LRIP) on Center Street and received two bids: Senn Blacktop for $78,363.80 and Monarch Paving for $97,063. Since the two bids differed by almost $20,000, village board members wondered if the calculations had been done correctly. The village board accepted Senn’s low bid under the condition that Cedar Corporation review the bid to verify that it meets the bid requirements.

• Approved bartender operator’s licenses for Christy VanCamp, Laramie Schutts, Ashlee Morse, DeeAyne Hegeman, Felecia Diaz and Lynnsey Keller.

• Approved a Class “B” temporary license to sell fermented malt beverages for the Boyceville Firefighter’s Association at Range Road Lot No. 9 and 818 Main Street for the Pickle Fest tractor pull and Pickle Fest firemen’s tent from August 16 through August 18.

• Approved transferring the 2010 airport entitlement money to the Monroe airport. The Boyceville airport does not have a project on which to use the money. The transfer was approved with the understanding that Monroe will transfer its airport entitlement money back to Boyceville in 2015 or 2016. Village board members noted that the money, amounting to about $150,000, is a “use it or lose it” proposition, and that since the village does not have an airport project, the money would be lost anyway if it were not transferred to Monroe.