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Boyceville Bits & Pieces – 6-26-2013

Well it looks like two days no rain, Saturday it started out raining but no rain, just gloomy skies.

 Thank heavens because we had plans to go to two weddings that day, and also a birthday party.  We made  all three. One wedding was in Barron, Todd’s daughter (Ted Boy), then on to Menomonie for Murphy’s daughter’s. God Bless. Then up to Rick’s for Rebbeca’s party.

On Monday, five homemakers and one guest (Ruth Schutz) made an afternoon run for Ned Hahn’s ride through corkscrew hills. Made it to the top cabin but rode down in the rain.

Been cleaning at the store making it a big indoor flea market and thrift sale. Should check this out.

With being gone all day Saturday, it seems that all of the dates are off.

On Father’s Day the Lions had a good turn for the Andy Pafko playground. Thanks to all who helped and attended.

Homemakers are now in planning the Christmas quilt. Anita Brook, Bonnie and I have got it up and running.

Well check us out, the store is changing. You’d be surprised what cleaning does.

Call me and God Bless,