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Off The Editor’s Desk – 6-19-2013

By the time the next presidential election takes place in November of 2016, we all will be sick of hearing the name of Lois Lerner. If you do not know who she is by now better find out.

I will give you a clue. She is the face of the IRS in targeting of conservative groups. She has united Republicans and Independents and has the lead roll in one of the several scandals that now embroils the Obama administration.

Speaking of the president’s administration, the food stamp program reached record highs in March with over 23 million families now receiving benefits from the food stamp program. That relates to some 47,727,052 people who receive an average of $274 in benefits monthly with an annual cost to us taxpayers of $80 billion. And, the senate has passed a new farm bill that will cost some $955 billion over the next ten years.

And, to top it off, while people are struggling to provide food for the table, the president is taking a vacation to Africa. That will cost us taxpayers somewhere between $60 and $100 million. The national debt continued to grow, and it was Obama that criticized George W. Bush for adding to the national debt!

If your could take all the money away from the very rich, I would think that would not even come close to paying off the national debt. I came across an article that told about 82-year-old Rupert Murdoch, the news magnet, is divorcing his 44-year-old wife after 14 years of marriage. His net worth is just $12.1 billion and he is listed as the 79th wealthiest person on earth.

We have to stop spending more than we have.

— Carlton