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Off the Editor’s Desk – 6-12-2013


Are you involved in any community activities? There is a great need for people to staff the local ambulance and fire services. Most small communities like ours depend on volunteers to staff their emergency services.

If you have concerns about helping out at a fire or participating with the local ambulance service, just get in contact with the department head.

Our community, like many other small towns, is finding it hard to get and keep people in those emergency services. So get involved! The pay is not that great, but the rewards you feel are well worth the effort.

If you feel that you are not able to handle the pressure of being a firefighter or EMT, there are many other organizations that are looking for help. Your church has several groups that are looking for volunteers, as are the scouts, 4-H groups, and volunteers to work at the local fair. I am sure that if you look, there is a spot for your talent.

Thanks a lot.

— Carlton