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Bocyeville Bits & Pieces – 6-5-2013

It was reported to me that on Friday morning a black bear was in the runoff ditch along side of Shelby Bauer’s trailer. Went up so far, climbed a tree, ended up in Shelby’s yard and then back into the swamp.

 Katherine M. Cordes has been living with her daughter in Barneveld, WI, where she passed on to her Lord’s home. She passed on May 21. She was a 1940 Boyceville Honor Student. Her funeral was in Cumberland. She was a member of Trinity when she lived on K on the Annis Cheese Factory. She was Katherine Indermuchle. I remember buying eggs from them. Highway K has lost a lot of loved ones.

Alena L. (Schutz) Stutsman from Arlington, Washington, died May 11. She was raised on the Harold James farm. She graduated from Boyceville in 1949. She attended St. Paul college for two years then she returned and attended Dunn County Normal for two years and then on to River Falls W.S. College. As kids they all attended Grander school and then on to Boyceville High.

In 1963 Alena traveled to Arlington, Washington and taught 4th grade for 60 years.

In 1972 she met and married Skip Stutsman and ended up with stepchildren that she loved and enjoyed.

Ardys James and Ruth Schutz flew out for the service. They stayed with Elizabeth Stutsman, a stepdaughter.

The Boyceville Alumni reunion will meet at Jake’s on Tuesday, June 11th at noon. Come and meet your old friends from school.

On Sunday we went to Rick and Bobbie’s for a cookout. Dewayne and Judy joined us.

On Sunday, June 2 Shelby Bauer and Hannah Rubusch met her son and family at the Turtle Lake Casino to help celebrate Shelby’s birthday that’s on Friday. Happy Birthday, dear Lady. God Bless.

Has all the rain slowed down planting? It has here but doesn’t it look so green and plush? Beautiful Wisconsin.

God Bless,