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Boyceville Bits & Pieces – 5-8-2013

Well what does old Wisconsin have in mind for us this week? Monday was about 70 degrees and I raked around my house, getting most of the willow limbs picked up.  Then on Tuesday we had rain all day and it got colder.

Couldn’t believe that on Wednesday night we got dumped on again. We had close to 14 inches of snow – the wet, heavy stuff.Then we also got rain all day Thursday.

We lost a lot of pine limbs and weeping willow limbs. Limbs were lost all over town. No electricity, wires down. There was a lot of water in the snow.

We lost two feeder bunks. No insurance on them. Have to get them back up and running. Right now I don’t understand insurance. We are insurance poor, why?? We have five different houses, two farms that have insurance, so why were we advised not to report a claim?

Thanks for the people who cleared up the limbs in our yard.

On May 1st I had a surprise of a May basket. Thanks to whomever that was, it brought us tears.

Let’s keep our roads clean. Put your pop cans in the Vets holder at B.P. That helps keep the flag up and pretty. Thanks.

Remember to call for the special Mother’s Day Lunch at noon on Monday, May 12. Call 715-643-2533.

Also a special on May 14 at noon, a special interest on menus, for cooking for two or a one-dish meals. Call ahead 715-643-2533.

Many Boyceville friends and family showed their respect to Wayne Lorenz at the Friday night wake and at the funeral. God be with the family and friends. He will be sadly missed.

God will give us spring.

God Bless,