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Boyceville Bits & Pieces – 5-1-2013

A busy week with heavy snow on Monday night, April 22. Well its Sunday evening April 28, and the snow hopefully has passed on to Spring weather. Beautiful day, the sun has really melted the snow away.

As I joke with my daughter Dawn with her living in Alaska because she always has so much snow when it is gone most other places.

On Monday, April 22, we Connorsville Chicks met at Anita’s and talked of the play. No planning on it going to be Spring Fling on May 8th. This year we are going to plant Hostas at the Park in connorsville.

On Tuesday we traveled to Cornell by the way of Menomonie. We visited with Pat Grambow.

On Thursday Pino (Kate) was here for a visit at supper time. Had a nice visit with her.

On Friday night Carol (Webster) Wier a special friend, and Fred Miller visited and stayed with us. They headed back to Wisconsin Rapids. They attended the Ford Cemetery meeting on Saturday before heading home on Sunday. Carol and I went to school from first grade and graduated together.

Please if you can remember to help the Vet’s Park Committee and donate cans at BP here in Boyceville to help defer the cost of the flags for the Vet’s Memorial.

It was reported to me that in three weeks someone will be having a 74th birthday. Many more there guy.

On Saturday Darcy from Clear Lake and her daughter, Kimber from Eau Claire, visited Janett and me at the shop before coming to visit PaPa Fred here on the farm. Kimber is going to school in Eau Claire.

Boyceville Center is having a Mother’s Day Dinner at Noon on May 13. A special day is being planned, call 715-643-2305 ahead of time.

On Tuesday May 14 at noon there will be a special interest discussion on menus and one dish meal planning. Should be very informative, now that most of our family has moved and left us with the empty nest cooking for one or two makes a difference. Call ahead 715-643-2305.

Sunday we went to Marion’s at Hammond to celebrate her 84th Birthday. God Bless, three of her daughters and their families were also there. Made for a very nice day. The guys went and flew kites, never thought the wind was strong enough, but they got it up above the trees, the little ones enjoyed that.

Congratulations to Andrew Polonec on graduating from UW-La Crosse. They had a little party to help celebrate at Buck-Shot’s on Saturday. Knew you could do it. He had to head out so he didn’t get to walk and get his diploma. He starts work right-a-way that’s why. He is in sports management, the business part of sports.

Little Justin Joseph Stoveren was Baptized at West Acres Church. Justin is the son of April and Tom Stoveren, grandson of Cheryl and Larry Polonec. God Bless the little ones.

At Trinity today we welcomed 10 new members and their family. Welcome to the church family.

What a great day, but I heard that we are to get snow and rain again. It feels like spring now.

Call and let me know your whereabouts.

God Bless & Love, Sharon