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Boyceville Bits & Pieces – 4-24-2013



Well we woke up to a white Sunday morning. Sort of snow and rain all day. It didn’t dampen the spirit of church at Trinity today as the men’s choir led the music in church. They sound better every time we hear them. God give them voices to lift height the glory of God.

Then the men in mission treated us to a good smelt feed. It was well attended, good to see the men in the kitchen.

When I was a kid, which seems an eon ago, the men in mission were what we called Lutheran Brotherhood then.

Trying to get names for the Community Thrift Sales for May 17th and 18th. The Eagles Nest is having tables available for that weekend. Call them.

So far I have not had too many names so if you want maps call me. I’ll also have balloons and signs available…call!

It was reported to me that Doris (Anacker) Haynes from Denver died. The Anackers were from here. Doris graduated in 1943. Keep her family in your prayers and thoughts.

Thinking back now as Fred’s folks moved into Boyceville, this was the Clifford Hayes farm. Wondering if this was the same Hayes. I wonder so much now, is that an old person trait? What has happened in my life, so much has slipped away. Like the House of Hope at 1920 Broadway was where I lived for 5 or 6 years.  It was then the Church of Brethern. Thinking back wondering where the five of us, my grandmother and mother all slept.

Well enough of my trying to get my life back. Don’t sweat it Sharon, it’s in the past. God Bless.

Well, will we ever have spring or will we go right into summer?  If I wanted a two-season winter/summer I’d have moved to Alaska. But beautiful Wisconsin will come to.  Take care.  Those little birds are coming back, red wing blackbirds, so we’ll get warmer weather.

Love, Sharon