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Boyceville Bits & Pieces – 4-17-2013

Wow, I sure don’t know what this spring has turned into!  My trees are really robed with beautiful ice. Beautiful Wisconsin.

 On Wednesday Darlene’s husband from Green Bay, Larry and his brother Bob came for spring turkey hunting. Well as good as sportsman they are, they did get out there. Then on Friday, Larry’s daughter Tori and nephew Ben also came.  No turkey though.

Friday night we all went down to the Eagle’s Nest for the meat raffle. People should check this out. Bob had to leave on Saturday morning. No turkey.

So they did take home some meat. Good cuts of meat from the raffle.

I wished I knew how many times those robins need their tails dusted. Or is this just one time, or will it continue?

Our hunters all left on Sunday morning before the storm hit. Lots of little things the boys got done for us, and Darlene made sure we had enough to eat. God Bless.

7:00 a.m. and I see an UFO in the eastern sky. Oh that’s right – that’s the sun! The ice crystals on the trees have either blown off or melted. The clouds are moving in. Stick around in Wisconsin, you can be in at least three seasons.

The village of friends and family showed their support to the Lagerstrom family on Saturday for the funeral of Mike Lagerstrom. His smiling face will be sadly missed.

On Friday night the Connorsville Homemakers attended the Clear Lake play, “Bridgadoom”, one of the outings we usually have. The meeting is on the third Monday with Anita Brooks hosting, but we will have it a week later. The Brooks are busy with tapping trees. They have quite a set up.

Be careful, dear people, with this frozen earth. Don’t fall, that’s what has slowed Fred down. He fell on January 18th and is still recovering.

Enough from this end of town. God bless and watch the ice patches as you drive. Love ya all.  I will try to keep this little letter from Boyceville going so call.  Thanks.

Love, Sharon