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Boyceville Bits & Pieces – 4-10-2013

Here it is, Sunday night. Easter passed, so now it’s okay to wear white shoes. I guess they say that the little robins have had their tails dusted twice now. One more time. My dear Grandma Wagner had these little quibs and sayings on signs. I wish I would have kept a log of those.

We are watching a pile of snow across from the store. There’s a contrast on the date and time at the Eagle’s Nest – talk to Dawn, we don’t have a lake like Menomonie, with the car.

On Monday night we had this month’s quilt guild meeting. We already are planning the quilt show for Pickle Fest.

On Monday afternoon we traveled to Durand for my sister Mary and then we traveled to three Amish shops, bargain hunting. Very interesting shop – “Scratch and Dent”

On Tuesday I worked at the polls, had a nice turnout. Don’t grumble if you didn’t vote – it’s our right of freedom. God Bless America.

Today at Trinity, little Grace Harvey was brought to be baptized. She is the daughter of Tony and Amanda Harvey. Bring the children to God.

On Saturday Teddy and Kathy Seeger of New Richmond brought Fred’s brother Ted from Prairie Farm to visit with Fred. Ted and Kathy visited with me at the store. It was a nice day.

The village thrift sales are bring planned for May 17 and 18. Call me to get on the map.

When I hear from dear friends. I always tell them “Love ya.” How many people do you tell that to? It is so easy to share your love. Remember that living without love is like clipping a bird’s wings and removing the ability to fly.  Love ya.

Sharon, 715-643-2533