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Village will return airport entitlement funds

BOYCEVILLE — The village board voted to return Airport Entitlement Funds to the state. These funds are from the year 2009 and the village has no program at present to use this money on a project at the airport.

Board member Brian Wolff reported on the matter to the village board at their regular monthly meeting on March 11. Wolff indicated that the $49,000 needed to be spent on improvements or repairs at the airport, but that at present there are no plans for using the money.

Wolff moved to return the funds with the stipulation that if the village comes up with a plan or project in the future, that they can asked for that money back. He noted that some time ago the village released funds and that money went to airport improvements in Shell Lake.

Village President, Gib Krueger, questioned about improvements at the airport’s restrooms. He was told that there was some talk about having them near the fuel tanks. One board member added a little humor to the meeting by saying, “if they fill one tank, they want to empty another.” But after some discussion, the board concluded that it would be too costly to move the restrooms to the fuel station area.

During the public comment part of the meeting, Paul Danovsky appeared on behalf of the local Lions Club. He noted that each year the Lions Club has an annual Sportsman’s Banquet. “It will be on August 24,” he told the board. “We usually have it at the Eagle’s Nest, but we have outgrown that facility.” He asked if they could use the fire station for the event. President Krueger indicated that he had no problems with that if the fire department had no objections. The matter was turned over to a committee.

The board listened to the Village’s Building inspector, Craig Moriak, who gave the board a report on the recent building permits.

During his report to the board, Police Chief Dan Wellumson, indicated that his department had issued eleven sidewalk ordinance violations and five parking violations for snow removal during the past month.

Wellumson was questioned about a couple of items on his report, one being the bail jumping and the other concern was the five incidents of 911 disconnects. He explained about the bail jumping and that story appear in last week’s edition of the Tribune Press Reporter, and commented about the disconnects. Wellumson explained they are more frequent now with the cell phones. He related that a middle school student had a couple of calls in what Wellumson called “a pocket dial.” The student’s cell phone is equipped with a single emergency button to dial 911 and apparently that button got pushed while in the student’s pocket.

During his report, Don Rose was questioned about fire hydrants being shoveled out. Rose reported that a “gentlemen that had to do community service had most of the hydrants shoveled out until the recent snow.” Rose also reported that the new pickup has arrived with President Krueger noting, “it’s a lot of truck for the money.”

Sorensen Acknowledged

During the meeting, President Krueger rose and read a letter from the League of Wisconsin Municipalities, which honored board member Keith Sorensen. In part the letter stated, “Our records indicate that 2013 marks 10 years of public service to your community. In recognition of your service, I have enclosed a small token of our appreciation. I hope you will wear his lapel pin proudly. You have earned it.

Dedicated local officials like you make our communities great places to live and work. On behalf of the Board of Directors and the entire League membership, thanks for your public service.” It was signed by John H. Small, President, League of Wisconsin Municipalities.