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Stanton joins Dunn County zoning

By LeAnn R. Ralph

MENOMONIE — The Town of Stanton can now be counted among the zoned townships in Dunn County.

The Dunn County Board approved adopting the zoning map for the Town of Stanton at the February 20 meeting.

The Dunn County Planning, Resources and Development Committee held a public hearing January 22 on the proposed Stanton zoning map and then recommended approval by the county board.

Tom Quinn, Dunn County Board supervisor from Downing and a member of the PR&D committee, noted that the idea of becoming zoned can often be a contentious issue for townships.

Quinn said the Stanton Town Board had earned his utmost respect for their efforts to pursue becoming zoned.

The ordinance adopting the zoning map for the Town of Stanton will take effect after it is officially published in the Dunn County News.

Now that Stanton has adopted county zoning, only five townships in Dunn County remain unzoned: Sand Creek, Elk Mound, Spring Brook, Rock Creek and Eau Galle.

Dunn County has 22 townships.

Rich Monn of Knapp serves as chair of the Town of Stanton.

Robert Anderson of Boyceville and Tim Mittlestadt Jr. of Knapp serve as town supervisors.

The Stanton Town Board and residents in the township began discussing the possibility of joining county zoning in the summer of 2011 after Milestone Materials announced plans to mine frac sand out of the Downing Quarry.

Because Stanton was unzoned at the time and because the quarry was already in existence, Milestone only needed county approval for a revised reclamation plan.