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Days of Old – 2-27-2013

Days of Old – 2-27-2013

10 years ago
Tribune of February 12, 2003

Two pickup trucks collided in Emerald Township Friday after noon, sending five people to area hospitals. Injured were David D. Hurtgen of Glenwood City, his sons Matthew, Mitchell and Mark, and the driver of the other pickup, Jeremy M. Grosskreutz of Clayton.

By the end of March, Western Wisconsin Renewable Energy Cooperative hopes to raise a minimum of $12 million from farmers willing to invest in common stock. The co-op has identified two sites in Dunn County – one in between Wheeler ad Boyceville and one near the village of Colfax – as possible locations for  a 40-million gallon per year ethanol plant.

A 16-year-old girl was taken to the Myrtle Wirth Hospital in Menomonie for frostbite last week, after escaping a fire at her home at 902 Dale Street, Boyceville. The fire department found her standing in the snow with no shoes on.

25 years ago
Tribune of January 27, 1988

School was cancelled at Boyceville and Glenwood City on Wednesday. On Tuesday the week before both school districts released students early because of the snow.

The Glenwood City Fire Department was called to the Roger Bonte home on Highway G in the Town of Glenwood Saturday morning at 9:56 a.m.

Several area snowmobilers traveled 674 miles snowmobiling to the Eagle River Snowmobile Races. The riders were Roger Hanson, Clear Lake; John Shepard, Downing; Robert Ludtke, Downing; Ted Pittman Jr., Clear Lake; Jerry Cassellius, Downing; and Joe Grant Glenwood City.

50 years ago
Tribune of March 7, 1963

The General Telephone Co. of Wisconsin on Wednesday morning, Feb. 27, changed the Glenwood City exchange over to dial operation, a plan that had been in the making for a number of years.

The Soo Line Railroad announced today that it will liberalize tariff requirements for the movement of hay from Wisconsin and Upper Michigan to areas of the eastern United States which are seriously short of hay because of last summer’s drought.

Planning and organizational working in the Glenwood City area on the Glen Hills watershed project has spanned a period of three years and two weeks. It now has been approved by local and county governing bodies and financial arrangements have been pledged to cover the local costs.

60 years ago
Tribune of February 26, 1953

Wintry winds whirl white wrathfully – The season’s worst snowstorm descended upon the entire northwest Thursday and continued to pile until Friday, with an estimated ten inches of snow having fallen.

An invitation has been extended to all ladies of this community to attend the admission-free Monarch cooking school to be held at the Daylight Store on Wednesday, March 4, under the sponsorship of Steffen Our Own Hardware.

Pop-o-lodians Popout – The newly organized hillbilly Kentuckian band made its debut Saturday, Feb. 14 at the Glenwood City high school cafeteria. Members are Clem (Rich Swanson), Kididdle (Mr. Wilcox), Hopper (Robert Johnson), Moe (Cliff Schouten), Ed (Dave Marquardt), Phil (Phil Slotevig) and Al (Joe Jorgenson).

95 years ago
The Glenwood Tribune
January 24, 1918

All native Germans, being males of the age of fourteen years and upward, who are within the United States and not actually naturalized as American citizens, are requested to register as alien enemies. Postmaster H. H. Gleason is to be the registrar of the territory within limits of the local post office.

Both burglars who were involved in the robbery of the Knapp bank have been captured near Menomonie and most of the money recovered. They proved to be amateurs in the game.

In compliance with orders from the county seat, Mayor Paul Salscheider issued orders that local business houses be closed Monday, and Chief-of-Police John Boyle was busy Saturday afternoon giving notice to firms included in the enactment to that effect. Glenwood City business houses not only obeyed the letter of the law but co-operated in making it as effective in the saving of fuel as possible.

30 years ago
Boyceville Press Reporter
February 24, 1983

An advisory group will likely be formed to offer suggestions to Boyceville School Dist. on how to deal with what is descried as a “growing alcohol problem” in the junior and senior high school.

An installment sale of the former Memorial Hospital, Menomonie, to Robert Richardson, Spring Valley, developer, for $100,000 was approved Feb. 16 by the Dunn County board.

Boyceville’s village board is considering replacing the Duffy Street bridge over Tiffany Creek for two reasons: weight limit on the bridge has been reduced due to deteriorating condition; and state money is available to help pay for the project.