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Boyceville Bits and Pieces – 2-13-2013

Sorry I’ve been out of the loop but the week before on Jan. 28 I had surgery on my foot. Then Fred fell and tore his shoulder up, and will have surgery on Feb. 22. God’s been with us, Fred has two good feet and I have two good arms but we’ve been pretty close to home.

On Wednesday, January 23 we held our first daytime Homemakers at Donna Weber’s. We decided to take our special friends and spouses out on Feb. 17 for noon at Kistner’s Corner in Connorsville for Valentine’s Day. We decided to have afternoon meetings from now until May.

Jan. 23rd is the day Fred fell at the bins across from the Methodist Church.

Darlene came to help us on the weekend of February 1-3, and left on Sunday. The kids had an anniversary party for Dawn and Murphy’s 10th anniversary at the Eagle’s Nest. It was a full house.

On Saturday, Feb. 9th the Phil Herdahl family and friends honored him with a party for his 93rd birthday at Andrea Frieberg’s in Amery. Over 50 friends and family were there. What a blessing. Happy Birthday, dear friend. God Bless.

Dale Bauer and family visited with his mother, Shelby Bauer, on Saturday and she treated them to lunch at the Hearty Platter. She said she had a very nice visit and time.

The Feb. 4 meeting at the Heart and Hands quilt guild. It was a very rewarding meeting as they presented the quilts that the guild put together for Carol Marlette’s family. They put them together to help her as she is ill and is recovering. They have now made this an act to help the community. God Bless.

On Sat. Feb. 9 they had a workshop to help members to know and learn about the new noodle pattern.

Today at Trinity a sweet little guy, Caden Lee Knutson, was baptized. He is the son of Heather and Brian Knutson. Another blessing.

Reminder that Valentine’s Day is Feb. 14. I want to wish everyone a happy day. I also want to thank my kids Rick and Bobbie, the grandkids, and Jeanette and Ed for all the help. God Bless all of you.