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Boyceville Bits and Pieces – 1-16-13

Been very busy with quilting and getting rid of Christmas. My elephants are back on the fireplace. But Fred’s collection of cars drove away.

We received our address labels from the March of Dimes with old cars on them and he jokingly said “Now I know where they went.” Still haven’t found the tote.

On Thursday morning I visited for coffee at the home of Shelby Bauer before work at the store. A start for a trying time at the shop.

On Saturday for dinner Alicia Kerr Johnson from the Madison area had dinner with me at the shop.

Well our January thaw sure was short-lived. It caught cold quick one night. If you happened to stopped in the store last weekend, you could have had a shower or foot wash. Want you to excuse the mess the shop was in. Fred and I carried water all night, we’d go down about every 2-2.5 hours to empty the totes and pails. It was very wearing on us old folks until at night when it froze over! It rained on two shelves, with some knick knacks and stuff. Oh, well, I guess that’s beautiful Wisconsin weather. God Bless.

On Sunday afternoon, we visited at Rick and Bobbie’s, to teach Bobbie how to play Hand and Foot. She caught on pretty fast so we ended up playing again after chores. Winter here is a time for games.

I know this isn’t much but I am very tired. Pastor said on Sunday that we are people of habit. So to prove his point on Jesus being uncomfortable in the temple as a youth talking, he made us change our own pews to sit elsewhere in the church. A point in language anyone can understand.

Well enough rambling on again, I’m selling raffle tickets for the free clinic. Take care and don’t fall on the ice.

God Bless, Sharon