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My Favorite Christmas – Colfax – Mrs. Cox’ 3rd Grade Class

My Favorite Christmas – Mrs. Cox’ 3rd Grade Class (Colfax Elementary)

My favorite Christmas was two years ago I got a hotwheels track and a few cars. I also got an Internatnall tractor with duels. But the bad thing is the front wheels broke. I got a play gun that came with rolls of gunpowder in. At church we light the last candle on the wreath because count up to christmas. Then we go open are prsents I can’t wait til next year.
Jarod Loew

My favorite Chrstmas was when I got a remote control snowmobile. It was my Uncle Jeremias when he was little. We go to my grandma and grandpa’s house for Christmas. We go sledding at their house. I opened a puesnt and got a bike helmet and a new bilce. I also got a remote control helicopter.
Josiah Harder

Every year me and my famley get to gather. And I have a elf named Ralgh. And my sister has a elf named Izzy. Sometimes we get presents from them. Last Christmas I got a rubber band gun. One time Izzy made a mess out of the flower and Ralgh hid under a glass cup. One year I got a bike and I liked it and now it is too small for me.
Colin Weidner

Two years ago I got a remote control snowmobile. i got the movie call real steal. I went sleding at my house. I went snow Boarding One year I got a bobcat i Liked it I like opening present.
Ryle Timms

Hello my name is Aliyah. My favorite christmas is last year. i jumped on my mom and dad. So i dumped my stocking out. I got a pair of boats. Clothing coloring stuf. We ate christmas pie and cake. I had to host my cousins. I also got a ipod. I had to go to North Dakota. I got to see some other cousins.
Aliyah Rihn

My best Christmas was in 2011. Me and my brother woke up at 2:07 a.m. My favorite present was a target. We had a snowball fight. W made lots of cookies. Our Christmas we made a snow fort.
Nathan Hydukovich

My favorite Chrstmas was. 2 years ago I got a snowmobile. And a toy helicopter. The next day I drove my snnowmobile. And I flew my helicopter. And I also got a guitar and my dad taught me.
Thomas James Drees

Last year my neighbor gave my Dad coal. Last year was the best christmas ever because I got a ipad. I put the stocking on the railing the names are Haley Bree Josh Jess Winy Dazy. My Dogs got for Christmas is Dog bones. me and my sisster love christmas.
Haley Lynn Mikesell

When I celebrate Christmas I was sleeping in my mom’s bed I hear something in the chimney. So I ran up to the livingroom I saw presents. my dad was wraping the presents. I said where is santa. My dad said he is santa and mom wasn’t asleep she was wraping too. And my brother woke up and heard some it was a train the train was going in the town and I got a DS.

Last year at christmas me and my family hung up are stockings on our window. my brother matthew got a Xbox 360 game called call of Duty modern warfare 3. I got a WII game called Star wars. my brother Jason got coal. I went outside and went sleding with my brothers Matt and Jason went rolling in his sled down into the ditch and i flipped on my sled into the ditch Matt slided into the ditch. I got 3 packs of skittles. I even got a toy helicpter for my Christmas present. I even got a manure spreder for my christmas toy.
Tritan Lenz

My favorite Chistmas was two years ago. My aunt played a trick on me. She put a 2 inch harmonica in a 2 foot bag! I stayed up all night waiting for santa. But he didn’t come. Around 1 o’clock I fell asleep. So he must have came after I fell asleep. My grandma hosted a Chistmas. My cousins came too. We eat candies and cookies. All my Chirstmas as was nice.
Cahterine Zons

My favorite Christmas was when I was eight. My uncle gave me a big stuffed animal in a garbage bag! We celebrated it at my moms mom. My favorite ornament was the one my grandma gave me. It was a tiger kicking a soccerball. We have a lot of fun!
Jullian Bowe

My best christmas was when I went to my gramma’s house. I got art stuff from the DePole on my mom’s side. My stocking had Tinker bell with sparkles. My gramma has a christmas tree up to her ceiling. She Puts candy canes on her tree. My mom and dad and seth my brother went to hwii in 2002. last year I got 100 stuffed animals from my mom and dadd the kind of stuffed animals is clofford. I’m getting my sister a toy car what sh can drive in whats her size. I am also getting my dog 4 treats and a bed for sleeping on or playing on.
Alana Smith

My favorite Christmas was when i got to see my cousins at my grandma house. I got a candy cane that was full of m&m’s. My grandma host’s Christmas all the time. I have a stocking that has a picture’s of me on it. My mom sewed it on the stocking. I got perfume to in my stocking.
Kayden Benson

My best Christmas ever was when I 8 because I got to got to church and I got to ride on a sled behind my fourwheeler! I also got a soft air bb gun! I also got to see my relatives! I also got to eat cookies and put milk and cookies for Santa on the table! I also got to stay up late and play with my presents that I got for Chistmas! It was my best Chistmas ever!
Taylor Risler

My best christmas was two years a go. Because I got a trick bike. I also got a tractor. I also go to christmas with my famly. We go to a hotel for christmas ever year. My mom got me a watch for christmas. I watch the Christmas story every year even when I was little like I would watch It. I even get to drive snowmobile ever year if there is enough snow to drive it. I would wish I had my own snowmobil t drive in the winter. And I alsow wish I had the I phone 5. I also got some really cool clothes.
William Wanish

My best christmas was a year ago. I liked My BB gun the most. I got A chocolate santa in my stocking. we put candy canes on or christmas tree. We put christmas lights around and on our christmas tree to you get a lot of presents. The moon comes out early and it gets dark faster. your mom and dad give you presents to. I got some more cool stuff
Dylan Martinson

The best christmas i had was last year. When we got our chirstmas tree and we got it up i waited for the first present to be under the tree. And then there was a present under the tree it said Alex on it. I really wanted to open it but i can only open it on new year’s eve after my baby sister was born i gave my present to her and i said to her open it so i can see what it is. But my mom caught me and took the present away and i waited after two day’s there was a present under the tree it said Austin i didn’t care if it said some body else on it. Then after a week it said Noah i didn’t care either. Then on christmas eve there was three presents for me and Austing and Noah i waited for the next day i checke un ther christmas tree all the presents said Arabella on it then i checked my stocking there was toy’s in it there was a slinky and some other stuff in it then we went to my grandmother’s house we waited till 9:00 a.m. i got a computer, a kid’s computer And lot’s of clothes it was the best chirstmas ever.
Alex Swanson

Last Christmas was the best of all because I got a wii it was pink. I got to go Christmas soping with Grandma Cindy it was a blast last year. I got my mom candls it smelld like cinnimon my mom loved it and I made her a card. Last year I made lefsa with my Gramma Cindy I allso got to make divinity it tasted good.
Mariah Dutton

My favorite Christmas was in 2011. Because my baby sister was first month old welet her open up her present frst she got a Baby pillowper I got an American Girl ball and went to my grandma wes and got a tow toy’s and I heard santa on the roof. and I got one of those free draw game tablet. my bruther got a lego game. and I got the simen flash. and my sister got a tetybare in her stoking and in my stoking sum toys and candy so did my bruther and my sister.
Brylee Lemke

In was my favorite christmas ever. It was funny because when it was my grandma Sues turn to have it at her house. OK when it was my moms turn to open her presents my mom got a Twilight set I screamed and I didn’t even know what it was. Then when we go to my great grandma Inie’s we have a tradition we buy extra presents put them in the middle take a peice of paper cut little peices of paper then wirte numbers on them and put them in a bowl. Then we go around and we pick peices and the number on it like say I got number 1 than I would pick a present. The number two goes and if number two likes my gift he/she can take it. The people who usually come are Briana, Carina and her daughter Adelia, Dan the younger Dan, my grandma Sue my aunt Kin, Bread, thier boy Liam, sometimes my cousin Evelyn, Evelyn’s mom Heather Evelyn’s dad, our uncle Kevin, my brother Peyton, my mom Andrea, my dad Josh, me. My great grandma Inez and I usually put up this little christmas tree of hers it’s so fun. I also help my grandma Karen put up her tree I helped my parents. We usually get there eat than once everyone is done eating we open presents. One year I got a Tyrone from the backyardagains I still have it. I like christmas because I get to see the people that I don’t see that much and when I see them I feel happy so, so happy. Most people just like christmas because of the presents. But that is not me. To me it’s getting to meet youre family again. So that is my favorite chrishmas.
Madison Barstad

When I was fiv years old somone that works for us fav us cookies. We pot sam cookies and som milk on a plate. the next day the cookies and the milk was gon. under the chrismas there was two bixs for me and DaviD I opend the fost present there was a Nerfgun DaviD opend the next present. DAvid got an action figure.
Jessie Lyrek

Last year I got a pink dress. I ate shrimp It is my favorite food! I made chocolate cookies. They were great.
Annika Edwards