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My Favorite Christmas – Colfax – Mrs. Berndt’s 3rd Grade Class

My Favorite Christmas – Mrs. Berndt’s 3rd Grade Class (Colfax Elementary)

My favorite Christmas was 3 years ago. When I was five. I got a bike and a jeep. I allso got more presents.
Dustin Niggemann

my favorite christmas was last year I got a guitar. I got a pair of ice skates for Christmas. I got a house for my American Girl doll.
April Higbie

My favorite Chrismas was when I got my DS. I played games like Crash Course Domo, Pottery and Sonic the Hedgehog it’s fun playing them. And thats my favorite Chrismas
Kayden Breezee

My favorite Christmas was when I was 8 year’s old. Me and my sister’s went with my mom to my gradmother and I got a barbies a lot of berbie’s and my sister’s got mor then me. Grandma’s was not far and that was realy fun.
Madison Kolve

My favorite Christmas was last year. Thant’s when I got a new saddle. That day I wanted to stay home and not go to church And play with the stuff I got for Christmas.
Jasmine Best

My favorite Christmas was when Santa Clause brought me a a DS. But unfortunatly it broke later on but then the Nintendo 3DS came out so the next Christmas Santa Clause broght me a Nintendo 3DS I was so excited. I didn’t know what to do I fainted… 20 minutes later I finally got up I got to play it for a while but then I had to go to bed. Then when I got up I played it all day long. I was glad that I got a 3DS. It was the most funnest year in the Whole entire world!!!
Hannah Ingram

My favorite Christmas was when I got a santa baloon. when I got semis and truks and trackters when I got purple light sabers. I got pants shirts and shorts.
Jamison Flantland

My favorite Christmas was when I got my hamster case and when I got my brother.
Rilley Mathyou

My favorite Chrismtas was a four wheeler for Christmas. When I have a fourweeler, I will ride it with my dad. He will take me some where. I want to go. That is my christmas list. That is all I want for Christmas.

My favorite Christmas. My favorite Christmas was my Christmas about 1 or 2 years ago I got an Ipod, a remote controle crane and our grandma and grampa came over. I also got a lego tank.
Luke Blanchard

My favorite Chistmas was. when I was 8. I got an Amircan doll and a flat screen tv. We decrated Coocys. made a fort. We played dolls and had a snowball fight and I got a orinaments that was of my famuly and I got some mittens.
Mariah Smith

My favorite Christmas was last year. I got some nice presants like a nintendo 3DS and a BB gun. And I got to go sleding down our hill. And I had a fun time with my dog. And I got to go to both of my grandmothers homes.
Ryan Albricht

My favorite Christmas was when I was seven year’s old. I got an Arial American Girl doll. I also got an Arial Barbie doll. I got a ty Beany Baby. I forgot my other toys But not my famlly.
Alyssa Haseltine.

My favorite Chrismas was the seventh Christmas when I got my 3DS. I was so happy when I first played it. Santa came when my grand parants slept. He even came when I was sleeping I got a lot of legos in a wooden box with a lego board. And that was my favorite Chrismas.
Dylan Holden

My favorite Christmas was last year. I got a snowboard and a board game. Then I went out to play snow fight Then I had to go to school. Thene was a blizzard and that blizzard was a lot of snow and then my famliy came over and had dinnire.
Aiden McKee

My favorite Christmas was when I got some tape for fixing wires. I used it on my bed. I also got some ducktape and I used up the roll. I also made phone holders for my relatives.
Patrick Sanders

My favorite Chrismas was when I got an Xbox 360. And when I got a DS. And I got games to go with the Xbox. Here are the games Call a Duty Black Ops, Connect Advengers, And thats all. So lets get back to the presents! The Elfs are good. And thats all. I know it is not a lot but ok Bye. Next time!
Bryce Sikora

My favorite christmas was when I was 4. I got my guitar and doll. Oh boy that was the best Christmas and St. Nick gave me clothes for my doll! I had turkey and cake It was awesome. I stayed home and played with my cousin and our toys. We both got matching dresses and T-shirt’s. My mom got new shoes from St. Nick, and the day after I got a puppy from granny.
Emilee Burcham

My favorite Christmas was when I got a music box and I got to sing. I got lots of presents. It’s so fun to open presents. Christmas is the best holiday ever. All of my family got to go to this place. It was so fun there and the best part is I got to go to my grandmother’s house. We had the best time ever. I don’t know what it is called. We had a good time.
Kate Sarauer

My favorite Christmas was when we went to our Aunts and Uncle house in Minnasota and Santa Clause came! Our mom got us Nintendo Ds’s. And our grandma got me a remote control tranohala (even though she hates spiders). And our cousin gave me maby dick. And our uncle made all my brothers and our sister a treasure chest “and at our grandma’s” came Santa Claues-again and I thought it was my uncle. I tried to pull his gove off but he would not let me. So that’s all byyyy.
Austin Swanson

My best Christmas was last year. I wanted a skid steer and I told everyone! On Christmas Eve, I had Christmas with Tyler, Daelynn and Mom. I got to open my presents and one was a skid steer. I was so happy I showed everyone. It was the best Christmas ever!
Coltin Lemon

My favorite Christmas Was when we got a big Xbox. And a old friend came over it was the best time we ever had and she brought a dog, she is cute.
Olivia Bazille