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Boyceville Bits and Pieces – 12-19-12

Sorry I missed the weekend of the 8th and 9th. It was a busy Saturday with the Spirit of Christmas starting with the craft fair at the gym and bake sale at Trinity.

An afternoon of different things, and the bars and other businesses had things going on.

Throughout out the week the CAC had judges to judge for the best decorated house 1st place goes to Ron and Deanna Steinberger and 2nd place was Pastor Brad and Amy Peterson. Congratulations. Also the show of lights of all the houses that people who put up lights.

The business who got the votes were 1st place – Fat Boys and 2nd place – TMS Tire.

The lighted parade was awesome, the weather was so right for the day and evening.

Just enough snow to add winter to the day. Jessie Krueger found the Golden Ornament worth $100. Congratulations.

On the 6th my nephew Tom Coby who came from Florida to live now with his mother (my sister Milly) from Downsville. It is nice that he is helping his mother now that my sister is gone. He had a visit with Fred and I at the store.

On Friday the 7th Gladys Pric and Bonnie Stanes from Chippewa came to visit. What a blessed friend. Now on this Saturday the 15th a school bus driver from Chippewa was in and talking to him (a small world). He also knows Gladys.

On Wednesday the 12th the Center had its Christmas dinner. Caroline and Sarah had the decoration in the room. So nice. Also such a royal treatment. Thanks, girls.

On Saturday when I came to work, I walked into the store and I was greeted to a roof leak. The water was running in and we carried water all day.

Here it is Sunday night and after Saturday night getting up and going to dump the water, and a couple times during Sunday.

Now it’s evening so now we have to check it again. Just returned and now its cold enough so it stopped the water.

I know the world stopped when last Sunday we got all the snow. But wasn’t it beautiful, like Christmas cards, it took a couple of days to dig out. Now our banks are really going. That’s why my roof leaked, too warm. Beautiful Wisconsin.

Well I guess I’ve rambled on enough so remember to keep Carol, dear friend in our thoughts and prayers. Love you.

God Bless,